What Does An API Outage Mean In Discord & How Do I Fix It?

Read this guide to know what an API Outage means on Discord and also how you can fix it.

Discord is built for quick and easy communication between 2 or more people, usually for Gamers. Games are usually fast-paced and the delivery of crucial information is important. Discord ensures that the flow of information is constant and quick but there are times when this flow is slow or gets interrupted. Every once in a while Discord will face an issue like an API Outage. What is an API Outage mean in Discord? Is it serious? Can we fix it on our end? To answer these questions I have written this guide that explains what an API Outage means in Discord and how you can fix it.

What does an API Outage Mean in Discord?

api server status in discord

An API Outage means that the main Application Interface of Discord is not working. Without the Interface, you cannot access the inner contents. This is mostly a problem that occurs on Discord’s side. That means the user cannot do anything to fix it. You will have to wait till the API Outage is fixed. To know if the problem is still there or not, you can check out their Server Status through our article on it. There will be an API section, if it is in Red that means it is not working.

You will have to keep an eye on it as Discord will start to allow users back in. So see if it turns Green. If the Server Status of API in Discord shows Green but you are still unable to join, then should contact Discord Support to help out with the Outage. They will get in touch through E-mail. Till the fixes have been made to the API Outage in Discord, you will have to wait.

This was all about API Outage in Discord and how to fix it. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like How To Make, Get, & Use Custom Emotes and Emojis In Discord.

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