Apex Legends Season 5 Hunt 1 Guide – How To Unlock the 1st Artifact

Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor first hunt is unlocked. There are a total of nine hunts to complete that unlocks Nine pieces of Artifacts in the game. Hunt #1 – The First Piece is unlocked and can access through The Broken Ghost. Go on Season 5 Tab and click on Quest to view all the 9 Hunt Quest. Each one will be unlocked every week as you finish the previous one you can progress to the next hunt. Here is how you complete the hunt in Apex Legends Season 5 and what are the three rewards unlocked in the end

How to complete Hunt 1 The First Piece Apex Legends Season 5?

Apex Legends Season 5 Hunt 1

From the quest, the menu clicks on the first hunt after the prologue. Click on play and you will land on a spooky spot. This hunt is simple but beware of prowler’s there will be a lot of them on your way. The objective is to safely reach to the extract point. The path to reach the final point is not complicated, all you need is to get good weapons, shoot down the prowler’s in your way and reach the extraction point.

Once you are on the yellow marker you will unlock three rewards. Apex Legends Season 5 Hunt 1 Rewards are:

  1. Epic Weapon Charm – Sapphire.
  2. Artifact Piece – Gemini-XG Core
  3. Story – Chapter 1 – The Cranky Clown

You cannot play as Loba in the Hunt, pick any best legend, and proceed with the first hunt. She will guide you to the objective and you will get some weapons to begin with. The primary one is a pistol. Check out the first chest after before you enter the Artillery Tunnel and take down all the prowlers. You will have 8 minutes to complete this hunt, and if you are playing in a team of two or more then I think you can finish that in time

The next checkpoint is a drill, that will deploy Artifact. Press E to began Artifact Extraction which will take sometime approx 3 minutes. The noise of drilling will attract more enemies, so be ready to defend. After extract, the artifact collects in and run towards the extraction point to complete the first hunt of Apex Legends Season 5.

A timer will be displayed on the top of the screen indicating if you do not reach in time the dropship will leave the place. This is where the game gets a bit aggressive and more enemies spawn. Avoid wasting time, just keep running towards the ship. Once you are in the dropship before the time ends you will complete Apex Legends Season 5 Hunt 1.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apex Legends Season 5 Hunt 2.