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Apex Legends Season 5 How To Find Treasure Chest

Unlock the first quest

Apex Legends Season 5 features Treasure Chest, you can grab only one in a day. This treasure chest is important to unlock Quest that will help you to progress to the end of the Fortune’s Favor Season. So here is a guide on how to find a treasure chest in Apex Legends Season 5 and unlock the first hunt – The Cranky Clown.

Treasure Chest Location and How to unlock Hunt  1 The Cranky Clown


To complete the Broken Ghost quest you will have to find Treasure Chest. They are founded in all PvP matches of Apex Legends. Whether you are playing Trios, Duos, or Ranked, there are max chances you will locate a Treasure Chest.

The easiest way to find a Treasure Chest is by playing as Loba or Bloodhound. Both of them have abilities to locate purple loot. This ability is a huge time saver because you don’t really need to search around. Purple loot is displayed in a dot on the screen, just follow and grab them.

Even if you have one of these legends in your team, they can inform other users about the locations. So everyone can amplify their chances of getting Treasure Chest in Apex Legends Season 5.


Treasure packs are random in Apex Legends Season 5. They are discovered in supply bins, whenever you find one just walk over it. Once you got, it will be added to your in-game inventory. Even if you loose still you will have the Treasure Pack, it won’t get disappeared.

There are 9 hunts in Broken Ghost Quest, each requires 5 Treasure Packs to unlock. This means there are 45 Treasures packs to locate in the entire Apex Legends Season 5. The game rules are you can only collect only one single Treasure Pack in a day. Every new hunt will be unlocked at the end of the week, so you get enough time like over 7 days to collect Treasure Packs.

If you are playing daily you can stock an additional treasure pack that will help you to get a break in the coming weeks. As Season 5 has started and this is the first week the rate of Treasure Pack drop is high. So it is the best time to grind and utilize whatever days you have to grab the Treasure Packs in Apex Legends Season 5.