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Apex Legend Season 5 Pro Tips – How To Win Matches

Want more wins?

With the start of Apex Legends Season 5 new challenges, upgrades and legends are unlocked. A 9-week long season features tons of cosmetics, emotes, etc. But to unlock the rewards you will need to win matches. So how do you win in Apex Legends Season 5?

If you are new to the game or going to play Apex Legends Season 5 for the first time then here are some pro tips to win matches. There are some key areas to focus on, this will give you edge on others. First of all knowing your legends well, whether you are playing as the elite thief Loba or the trickster Mirage, learn their abilities well. It is all about using them at the right time

How to win Matches in Apex Legends Season 5?

Season 5 features major changes in the map, buffed legends, and powered up weapons. Before you start it is necessary to learn what is new so that you can use the new things for your advantage.

Be Quick, Learn your Movement

Without complete control of your legend, you cannot easily win. Learn your movement and make yourself best in that. Be ready to use the abilities and major movements like sliding, crouch, etc. You have to be very quick in that, Apex Legend is all about survival of the fastest. Along with this, you have to be quick in pressing keys to launch Ultimate or trigger passive abilities.

Learn the Map

For any battle royale game, the map is the first thing you have to learn completely. It gives you updates about important points to hide or to avoid. There are certain areas that you must avoid at all cost, while some store sweet loot. So finding out the right landing spot is the best decision you will ever make in Apex Legends Season 2. Go slow, at the start check out all the spots on the map. Find out crucial hiding points and try to learn common landing points. You can avoid them from getting in direct contact with the enemies.

Let Opponents do their job

Do not indulge in a group fight if you are not confident enough. In Battle Royale mode the core objective is to take down all the remaining players and be the last one alive. So here instead of chasing down anyone, stay in cover and let others do the job. Follow this only if you are new and learning to play the game. Otherwise, your rankings will drop. It is best to keep your death minimum and when you get chance to shoot enemies from a range.

Work on your AIM

In Apex Legends you will not get time to decide whom to shoot and when. Your AIM must be auto-enough to spot and shoot. It is like shooting everything moving. So work on your aim, practice a lot to get accurate shots. The best way to improve your aim is to practice in the AIM lab. Be familiar with your weapon recoil, ammo capacity, shooting range, etc. You will be picking a lot of weapons, all are not going to work. Pick a few ones which are best suitable for your gameplay.

Know your Weapon

The game is nothing without a good loadout, amazing aim, quick movement, and the best weapon that suits your gameplay will turn you into an elite player. Weapons are ranked in colors, starting from White the lowest, blue the average one and purple or gold are always the best. When you are running to grab something jump on the best weapons only. Hunt down for the purple one and do not go for white ones.

Trust your Allies

Playing solo will furbish you to become a pro, but it is not bad to have a team. Play your friends and build a strong team. Setup communication and make sure your team knows every element of the game. For example, if someone spots an enemy or finds a cool hiding spot or a loot instantly ping your team. This will surely give you an edge in Apex Legends.

These pro tips will help you to improve your game, find out cooler weapons and build unbeatable team.