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How to use Mirage Abilities In Apex Legends Season 5

Buffed Mirage is amazing

Mirage is buffed in Season 5, his abilities will give you edge in combat if you know how to use them properly. The new reworked Mirage is stronger and better. Some of his abilities are a game changer and if you know how to very well use it then no one can stop you from winning. So if you are playing as Mirage in Apex Legends Season 5 then this guide is for you. Here are some tips on how to use Mirage’s revive ability and tips on Apex Legends Season 5.

Apex Legends Season 5 Mirage’s Ability Guide

Mirage’s revive turns him into a viable Legend in the game. Mirage can summon a decoy in the game who will mimic his every move in the game. Season 5 unlocks this decoy for the players. Now you can have full control over this one. You can control his movement and throw the decoy right on the face of enemies, forcing them to reveal their location. The decoy last for 60 seconds, so you have a full minute of access to a decoy in the game.

Mirage’s Ultimate is also buffed, with 60 seconds cooldown you can summon an army of your Decoy. They will mimic your every move in the game. How will this help? During the fight, you can use the ultimate to confuse enemies about the real one. The decoys will mimic everything so it is will be pretty hard for the enemies to figure out the real player. With over 60 seconds cooldown you can use this ability multiple times in the game.

The final big change is for Mirage’s passive ability to resurrecting his teammates. As mirage when you try to heal an ally in the combat both will turn invisible. This means during the revival it will be not easy for opponents to track you down. One way to counter-attack this ability is to place a marker and informing the team about his position.

Learn the abilities and use this regularly in the game, new Mirage is way better than the previous one and gives you some special powers in the Apex Legends Season 2. We also have a guide on Loba, and ho to effectively use her abilities in the game.