BitLife: How To Complete The Anti-Hero Challenge

Complete the BitLife Anti-Hero Challenge easily with the help of this guide.

Your dream to be an Anti-Hero will be completed through this challenge brought by BitLife. We will help you complete it in the best way possible. If you were bored with the Hero life and wanted to live life on your own terms without having to save anyone, then this one is for you. You don’t just ignore crimes but also make wrong choices that a hero wouldn’t otherwise. However, there is a very specific step-by-step procedure to become one.

How to Complete the Anti-Hero Challenge in BitLife

complete bitlife anti hero challenge

Complete the following tasks in order to become an Anti-Hero in BitLife’s new challenge.

Task 1 – Be born in Arkansas

You have to create a new life in BitLife in order to be born in Arkansas. It can be any city in Arkansas. To quit your previous life, you have to let your character die. This is how you complete Task 1.

Task 2 – Become a Firefighter

Graduate from high school and make sure you have some sports or athletic experience in it. You will graduate at the age of 18 and you have to answer a question to get the firefighter job.

Task 3 – Go on the Hot Cheeto Diet for 15+ years

To complete this task, go to the Mind & Body section select activities, and then start the Hot Cheeto Diet by selecting the Hot Cheetos option. You will find it in the Diet section.

Task 4 – Lose $1M+ at a Casino

After you are done with the previous task, you have to go to the Activities section again. There you will find the Casino option in the Black Market menu. You will be able to lose $1M+ by betting a lot of money on the Blackjack game. This will help you lose the given amount and make your wrong choice as an Anti-Hero.

Task 5 – Ignore a Crime in Progress

To ignore crime, there is no specific activity that you have to do. You just have to ignore any crime-related situation that comes ahead of you. Keep ignoring any criminal situation throughout your lifetime. In this way, you will successfully become an Anti-Hero.

That’s a wrap on how to become an Anti-Hero in BitLife. We hope we helped you understand the process of becoming one. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to become a Pilot or how to become a Musician in BitLife Life Simulator.