Anthem Ranger Gear: All Exclusive, Masterwork and Legendary Gears Guide

Ranger is the most flexible yet insignificant looking Javelin Suit in Anthem. It’s the true soldier that can unleash high-powered assault gameplay. Melee attack, defense, flying, run, dodge, damage, etc are the top best features Ranger carries. Any player who wants to take lead in the battle can stick with Ranger, and to help you more in this guide we bring you the list of all vital Exclusive Components, Exclusive Assault Launchers, Exclusive Grenades, and Exclusive Support Gear for Ranger.

All Ranger Exclusive Weapons and Gears

Ranger Javelin suit consists of different parts, like Components, Support Gear and second comes the weapons. A mixed blend of best items turns your Ranger Javelin suit to a killing machine.

Ranger Exclusive Components:

  • Airborn Advantage: 50% faster Gear Recharge while in the air (Hovering).
  • Combined Arms: 50% boost in grenade damage for 3 seconds while using Assault Launcher.
  • Defensive Bulwark: Regenerate Javelin Shield by killing 3 or more enemies within a time limit.
  • Tip of the Spear: 50% boost in Gear Damage for 5 seconds after using Ranger’s Ultimate Ability.
  • Vanguard’s Badge: 20% boost in Shield Restoration by killing an enemy with Melee attacks.

Ranger Exclusive Assault Launcher:

  • Argo’s Mace (Blast Missile): Defeat an enemy with an Electric Explosion.
  • Avenger’s Boon (Pulse Blast): 110% Boost in Melee Damage for 20 seconds after attacking.
  • Recurring Vengeance (Seeker Missile): Ability Cooldown is refreshed when you defeat an enemy, can occur between intervals of 7.5 seconds.

Ranger Exclusive Grenades:

  • Last Argument (Frag Grenade): Reduce Ultimate Cooldown after killing two or more enemies.
  • Explosive Blaze (Inferno Grenade): Create a flame explosion while afflicting two or more enemies using Fire.

Go for Ranger if you like to lead, depending on your attacks and action others will follow. The result of battle largely depends on the Ranger playstyle, like strategize targeting the important enemy while let others handle the minions. We also have a dedicated guide for Storm, Interceptor, and Colossus. Click the respective links to learn more.

To learn more about Ranger, you can read our Anthem Ranger Javelin Class Guide.

Note: This guide is still work in progress. Stay tuned for the Masterwork and Legendary Gears for Ranger Javelin.