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Bioware Plans To Reveal Some Cool Things On Anthem This Sunday

Anthem VIP Demo was a rollercoaster ride for some player, while a lot of were happy with Bioware’s new IP. It has now become common for EA to land into Micro-transaction controversy, clouds of negative image that had impact previous games have started circling around Anthem.

Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson spoke with the gamers through his official blog and shared a lot of details about the important things developers will work to fix the bugs and errors. Open Demo starting on February 1, 2019, and will end on February 3, 2019 – Sunday.

He pointed about a new announcement will take place either on Sunday or directly after the end of Open Demo period. Those who had played VIP Demo can have their progress carried forward to the Open Demo. Approx 9 Million hours of gameplay was played during the 2.5 days of VIP Demo which points towards the significant popularity of the game.

We are waiting to find out what new things will be revealed because of this the last live interaction with Anthem. Players will then wait for February 22 the final launch date, Open Demo will also put a significant impact on the game’s reputation. Because we are assuming this will be bigger than VIP Demo, it’s a challenging situation for Developers to make things proper so that once the final game is out players can enjoy with zero bugs.

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