9 Million Hours of Gameplay In 2.5 Days – Anthem VIP Demo

Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson once again spoke to the gaming community through his blog. He recently shared his views regarding the trembling VIP Demo event where players faced many issues, connection problems, and other bugs.

Through the official blog, EA addressed and accepted the issues and made a list of things to resolve for the Open Demo. He also shared that Anthem VIP Demo had harnessed approx 9 Million hours of gameplay in 2.5 days. This will be higher in Open Demo, and the developers will have to be prepared for the incoming traffic.

It was an eventful VIP Demo weekend for BioWare. As I shared on Saturday, it started rocky, but we stabilized that afternoon and maintained it until we turned servers off Sunday evening. We learned a ton about our game, our service, and you, our community. We’re working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy the game exactly as we’ve designed it.


  • Entitlement bugs
  • Server performance updates to address much of the rubber-banding
  • Fixes for infinite loads and more being investigated
  • Platform bugs to validate Javelin unlocks
  • Client and platform login bugs

VIP Demo is over and Open Demo is scheduled between February 1 to February 3, 2019. The full launch is way ahead on February 22, 2019. Most common issues we saw users were reporting was about Server connectivity, this simply means EA will need to optimize them well for the next big challenge.

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