Animal Crossing New Horizons Eyebrows Guide – How To Add

By Raaj
3 Min Read

By default, there are no eyebrows to your character in Animal Crossing New Horizons. But you can add one through customization and in this I will show you how to do that. Eyebrows make your character look better, not similar to Suicide Squad’s Joker. No doubt characters in Animal Crossing New Horizons are cute, but adding eyebrows will make them look cuter. Part of character customization it is extremely easy to add eyebrows in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to add eyebrows in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

To get eyebrows you will have to do two things. First, design an eyebrow and save it in the custom design section and section use Wooden Table Mirror to apply the eyebrows.

How to design eyebrows and save them in a custom design?

Go to your Nook Phone and select the Custom Design app. Then select a blank Design Pattern template. Or you can pick any existing Design Pattern and select Change Design to modify it. If you have selected an existing Design pattern then make it transparent using the Stamp tool. Press the right thumbstick to change the canvas to a face. You can now draw an eyebrow and adjust it accurately on the dummy. Save this design as eyebrows.

The next major step is to find a Wooden Table Mirror in the house. Walk near and from the menu select Change it up! option. You will enter a character customization menu, go to the last Face Paint section. Select Custom Design you had just created to apply it. This is who you can add custom eyebrows on your character in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

It is a similar process to design face paint, you can try out the various color combinations to match the eyebrow with skin tone. Or you can go just creating something very unique, remember to keep the canvas transparent, if the background is white it will not fit well. To help you more here is a video by Pebbles & Peach Plays, where the YouTuber has shared the entire process of adding eyebrows.

Eyebrows make characters in Animal Crossing New Horizons a little realistic. Even though its a game still without eyebrows those cute people look weird. So this is how you can add eyebrows in Animal Crossing New Horizons on your character. A simple customization menu will help you to add eyebrows to your character.

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