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ACNH Bug Off Event Guide (How To Participate & Win Rewards)

This event is all about catching bugs fast. Find out when it happens and how to participate in Bug Off event in ACNH to win rewards.

Animal Crossing New Horizons consistently organizes exciting events to keep its players engaged and entertained. The newest one is called Bug Off and it’s all about bugs. How do you participate in the Bug Off event in ACNH? What are the rewards for playing the Bug Off event? Find out all about it in this guide.


Bug Off Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Bug Off event in ACNH will take place on the fourth Saturday of the Summer months for the Northern Hemisphere. And it will be held on the third Saturday for the Southern Hemisphere.

That is, June to September for the Northern Hemisphere and November to February for the Southern Hemisphere. For the Northerners, the first event will be held on June 27, 2020.

A character named Flick (a red chameleon) will host this event and he will be present in the Resident Services area from 9 am to 6 pm. You will get an announcement if the Bug Off event is going to happen that day so you can be prepared.


If there is no sign of the Bug Off event happening on your island, make sure that your Resident Services are upgraded. If that’s not possible right now, check if a friend has upgraded it. In case the event is being held there, you can participate too. In fact, this will earn you bonus points.

To enter this event, you have to pay a fee of 500 Bells but the first time you participate will be free.


Once you see Flick on event day, talk to him and he will tell you about your mission. The goal is to catch as many bugs as possible in the time limit of three minutes.

Every bug will give you one point. If you manage to catch three or more bugs, then you will get two bonus points. When you catch bugs during this event, they will be given to Flick directly.


How to Catch More Bugs Fast?

A good trick to catch more bugs is to plant many flowers as well as trees that will attract bugs. Also, approach bugs carefully because if they sense you around, they might flee. Look for bugs on trees, flowers, tree stumps and also on the ground. This is the time to utilize all your bug catching skills that you have honed till now.

Bug Off Event Rewards and Prizes

If you want to be surprised about the Bug Off event rewards then you can click away now, because minor spoilers are ahead. Ready to find out? Alright! In exchange for the points you earn through this event, you can get bug trophies and bug merchandise. The trophies include a Bronze bug trophy (100 points), Silver Bug trophy (200 points) and a Gold bug Trophy (300 points).

Additionally, the bug merchandise includes a ladybug rug, spider doorplate, toy cockroach, butterfly wand, bug aloha shirt and more. When you get 10 points, you can receive any of these as a prize from Flick. Note that the rewards are random but all of them are pretty fun prizes.

Also keep in mind that Flick will come to your island on other days too. On those days, you can sell bugs to him for a higher price.

This activity is quite the departure from the usual slow-paced ACNH challenges, which is what makes it a fun change for players. So, get ready to catch some bugs and get your rewards. For more such tips and tricks, check out our ACNH wiki right away.