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How To Use Among Us Quickchat

What is the Quick Chat option in this game & how it works? In this guide, we've explained all about Among Us Quickchat feature update.

Among Us has got an update and it’s not the Airship map. This one is a smaller update which has a new feature of Quick Chat. As the name suggests, it will be a communication related feature but how to use it? This guide will explain everything you need to know about Among Us Quickchat.

Among Us Quick Chat Update Explained


This update is greatly beneficial for those players who communicate with other players using text chat especially on the Nintendo Switch. What this feature does is that it gives you a Quickchat wheel where you will see various main options like:

  • Accusation
  • Crew
  • Systems
  • Location
  • Statements
  • Question
  • Response

You can toggle this setting under Settings > Data > Chat Type. There will be Free or Quick Chat or Quick Chat only as options. Those who want to disable ‘Quick Chat only’ and are above the age limit, can switch to it under ‘Data’ to ‘Free or Quick Chat’.


If you are under the age of 13, you must use the Quickchat wheel to chat with other players. This could be restrictive to some players who want to chat in a detailed manner in situations which need better communication. But this feature will make the game safer for kids for sure.

Check out how the Among Us Quickchat feature looks like in the images below. You can ask questions, give responses from the options given and accuse specific players via the quickchat wheel. The generic responses that we have grown to love over the months like Who? Where? Where was (player)? are all added in the wheel for your convenience. Moreover, you can also choose A is lying, A killed B, A is suspicious and more statements easily.

among us quick chat free chat among us quickchat explained how to accuse someone among us chat


So for children who are playing the game on consoles, it’s a much-needed feature. This is because typing on it is super annoying during meetings and it will surely save time. This will smooth out the process of text messaging during the game making it easier, faster and safe during public games according to @AmongUsGame‘s tweet.


See this new feature in action in our youtube video:

That’s basically how to use Quick Chat in Among Us. If you need any more help with game including tips, tricks and strategies to win, check out our Among Us Wiki.