Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Reduce Fear

Reduce your character's fear in Amnesia: Rebirth.

Unlike its predecessors, the fear in Amnesia: Rebirth impacts the gameplay. Hence, it is important to reduce fear in Amnesia: Rebirth. You don’t want your character Tasi to go insane in the horror adventure. Well, you can do that, all you need to do is reduce her fear so that her mentality is stable. In this guide, we will walk you through all the different ways to reduce fear in the game. (A quick heads up, there might be a spoiler here).

How to Reduce Fear in Amnesia: Rebirth

Currently, there are three different ways to reduce fear in Amnesia: Rebirth, and we will go through each one of them individually.

Prevent Being in Dark for too Long

Fear in Rebirth is somewhat similar to sanity in the Dark Descent. If you have played Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you might remember how staying in the dark for too long can impact your character’s mental state. The same is true in Amnesia: Rebirth as well. Staying too long in dark will take Tasi’s fear level down. Hence, it is best to stay in lighted places.

You can use matches and lantern oil to lit up your surrounding area to prevent an increase in fear. The lantern runs on fuel, so it is advisable to use it for stretched runs where matches will be of lesser use.

Avoid Looking Straight at Monsters

Horrifying sights can also reduce fear in Amnesia: Rebirth. It is, therefore, best to avoid looking directly at such sights. You need to make Tasi focus only on her task and whenever she sees something terrifying, just turn the direction to switch the sights.

Frequently Rub Tasi’s Belly

Tasi is pregnant in the game and touching her belly will drop down her fear. You can rub her belly by holding down the X key. This will reduce fear but only by a very small margin. However, if you rub her belly when the baby kicks, you can get a substantial reduction.

The screen will turn blue in color whenever the baby kicks. This is a sign to quickly hold the X button and rub Tasi’s belly to reduce her fear. The baby might not kick frequently during the initial stages of the game, but the frequency will increase as you progress.

That’s all we have to offer for how to reduce fear in Amnesia: Rebirth. The game is more challenging than its predecessors as the puzzles become more complex and time-consuming. You can refer to our tank puzzle solution and fort puzzle solution guides to get help with completing them.