Pokemon Legends Arceus: Find Alpha Garchomp & Location

Need a strong ground or dragon Pokemon on your team? You should find the Alpha Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Knowing the location of Alpha Garchomp can speed up the process of finding it. Alpha Garchomp is one of the strongest Pokemon in the game because it is a dragon-type Pokemon. What makes it better is its primary type is ground. This is also a very strong type that is completely immune to Electric-type. Thus there is no reason for you to not get it, especially if there is a slot for one Pokemon on your team. So in this guide let us check where to find Alpha Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus, its location, and how to catch it.

Where to Find Alpha Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus

pokemon legends arceus alpha garchomp location and where to find it

You can find the Alpha Garchomp in this game at Alabaster Icelands near the southwestern corner of the map. Its location is accessible by either going south from Avalanche Slopes or going west from Icebound Falls. Here is how to get there.

  1. Go to the Alabaster Icelands from Jubilife Village.
  2. Next, go to the fast travel point Icepeak Arena.
  3. Add a pin to the location shown in the above image to make it easier to get there.
  4. Next, start going south by either riding on Wyrdeer or flying there with the help of Hisuian Braviary.
  5. Alternatively, you could also get there by going to the Snowfields Camp and going west.
  6. Once you get to the location you will see a large Garchomp with red eyes, it is the Alpha Pokemon you are looking for.

Thanks to Map Genie for their interactive map of the Hisui Region.

How to Catch Alpha Garchomp

There are two ways to catch an Alpha Garchomp in this game.

  • By Battling
    • As the name suggests you can catch it by battling it and lowering its health. Once it is low enough throw a Poke ball at it. Since it is of Ground Dragon-type, you should use any of these Pokemon to counter it:
      • Glalie
      • Froslass
      • Dialga
      • Palkia
      • Giratina
      • Sylveon
      • Gardevoir
      • Goodra
      • Togekiss
      • Walrein
      • Clefable
      • Mamoswine
      • Abomasnow
      • Enamorus
  • Without Battling
    • In case you don’t have any of the above Pokemon or if they aren’t very high leveled, then you can also avoid battling it. Simply throw a Razz Berry to distract it. Then use the stealth spray and go behind it. Now back strike it with a poke ball of your choice. If you are lucky you will catch it, if not then it can attack you. So if you don’t have the Pokemon to defend yourself then run and try again later.

These are the recommended Poke balls to use while catching it. These are useful no matter if you plan on catching it with or without battling.

  • Great Ball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Heavy Ball
  • Leaden Ball
  • Gigaton Ball

With that, you now know the location of where to find Alpha Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus and how to catch it. You should also check our guides on all Alpha Pokemon locations and how to catch them. And for other guides on this game check out our Pokemon Legends Arceus section.

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