How To Catch Alpha Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Here's our guide on how to catch alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

As the name already suggests, Alpha Pokemon are distinctively bigger in size and power than the other Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. These superior Pokemon sport glowing red eyes and can potentially wipe out your entire team. But to add them to your team, will increase your team’s XP and a valuable Pokemon as you proceed in the game. They are massive-sized and have a guaranteed EV level of 3 or higher. They have different unique moves and an incredibly buffed stat than the rest of the Pokemon. So, don’t miss your chance of catching alpha Pokemon. Here’s our guide on how to catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus – How To Catch Alpha Pokemon?

You can catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus by either using a stealth approach or by battling them. We also recommend you to level up your Trainer Star Rank before trying to catch them. That is because these Pokemon are potentially harder to catch than the rest. Hence increasing your Star Rank will improve your chances of catching them. There are multiple locations in Hisui where you can encounter Alpha Pokemon. These spawns depend completely on the time and the weather in the game. Now without further ado, let’s check how to catch an Alpha Pokemon.

Stealth Approach

  • To avoid any engagement with the Pokemon, be in stealth as you get closer to them. Try approaching from behind.
  • You can use different types of food depending on the certain alpha Pokemon to lure them without catching their attention in Legends Arceus.
  • Then, use or craft different Poke-balls to catch them.
  • You can also catch these Pokemon with normal Poke-balls but note that they have a low catch rate. So, once it runs away it may be hard to catch it again.
  • We suggest using an ultra ball to catch flying alphas and a heavy ball to catch an alpha Pokemon in close range.
  • Look at the color of the range before throwing any of the balls. If it is red, you will be unable to catch it due to your low star rank.
  • You can capture them only if it shows yellow or green color on the reticle.

Battle Approach

  • Challenge the Pokemon to battle.
  • Lower its HP till it gets red.
  • Throw a Pokeball to catch it. Trying using Heavy or Ultra balls to catch them.

How to Defeat an Alpha Pokemon?

alpha pokemon pokemon legends arceus

You can also farm money by defeating the Alpha Pokemon and selling the drops.

  • Use your Pokemon to battle and defeat the Alpha Pokemon.
  • It is best to use a strong Pokemon with high HP for a battle. This will help you sustain the damage dealt by the Alpha Pokemon
  • Lastly, if the alpha Pokemon seems to overpower your Pokemon, use a smoke bomb to get away from it.

Once you defeat it, you will receive a heavy XP boost, candies, and different rare items. Upgrade your satchel to receive such rare items. And if you catch the Alpha Pokemon, you can use and evolve them like any of the normal type Pokemon.

That’s all on how to catch an alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. If you want to know where to find these alpha Pokemon, you can check out our article on the locations of alpha Pokemon right here on Gamer Tweak