Pokemon Legends Arceus: Alpha Pokemon Locations (On Map)

Check out this guide to learn all the locations of Alpha Pokemon on the map in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

There are many Alpha Pokemon spread across the map in different locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus. An Alpha Pokemon is a bigger and stronger Pokemon when you compare it to its normal form. These Pokemon also have higher effort levels and other than by size you can spot one having glowing red eyes. So in this guide let us take a look at all Alpha Pokemon Locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

All Alpha Pokemon Locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus

pokemon legends arceus all alpha pokemon locations

Before we check the locations, it is important to know that Alpha Pokemon can also spawn in the wild. And there is another chance where you can find them in Space-Time Distortions. So the locations that we’ll check below are of the Pokemon that will always spawn there.

  • Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Crimson Mirelands
  • Cobalt Coastlands
  • Coronet Highlands
  • Alabaster Icelands

You can check the exact locations of these Alpha Pokemon in the images given below. Thanks to Map Genie for their interactive map of Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Obsidian Fieldlands

obsidian fieldlands

  • Luxio: Floaro Gardens
  • Eevee: Horseshoe Plains
  • Rapidash: Horseshoe plains
  • Bidoof: Horseshoe Plains
  • Heracross: Grueling Grove
  • Floatzel: Worn Bridge
  • Graveller: Grueling Grove
  • Gyarados: Lake Verity
  • Snorlax: Sandgem Flat
  • Geodude: Deertrack Heights
  • Stantler: Deertrack Heights
  • Staravia: Windswept Run
  • Parasect: Deertrack Heights
  • Blissey: Obsidian Falls
  • Alakazam: Sandgem Flat
  • Infernape: Ramanas Island
  • Kricketune: Nature’s Pantry
  • Bibarel: Tidewater Dam
  • Lopunny: The Heartwood
  • Scyther: The Heartwood

Crimson Mirelands – Alpha Pokemon Locations

crimson mirelands alpha pokemon locations legends arceus

  • Lickilicky: Shrouded Ruins
  • Roserade: Cloudpool Ridge & Solaceon Ruins
  • Honchkrow: Cloudpool Ridge
  • Raichu: Golden Lowlands
  • Tangrowth: Scarlet Bog
  • Ursaring: Golden Lowlands
  • Pachirisu: Golden Lowlands
  • Toxicroak: Holm of Trials
  • Torterra: Holm of Trials
  • Sliggo: Holm of Trials
  • Ursaring: Ursa’s Ring
  • Hippowdon: Sludge Mound
  • Skuntank: Scarlet Bog
  • Onix: Solaceon Ruins
  • Carnivine: Cottonsedge Prairie
  • Vespiquen: Cottonsedge Prairie
  • Rhyhorn: Diamond Heath

Cobalt Coastlands

cobalt coastlands

  • Mantine: Tranquility Cove
  • Chansey: Tombolo Walk
  • Dusknoir: Between Deadwood Haunt & Sand’s Reach
  • Golduck: Bather’s Lagoon
  • Ambipom: Bather’s Lagoon
  • Walrein: Ginkgo Landing
  • Drapion: Ginkgo Landing
  • Machoke: Castaway Shore
  • Octillery: Castaway Shore
  • Gyarados: Tranquility Cove
  • Purugly: Veilstone Cape
  • Lumineon: Seagrass Haven
  • Gastrodon: Seagrass Haven
  • Mothim: Spring Path
  • Sealeo: Islespy Shore
  • Empoleon: Islespy Shore
  • Ninetails: Firespit Island

Coronet Highlands – Alpha Pokemon Locations

legends arceus coronet highlands alpha pokemon locations

  • Electivire: Cloudcap Pass
  • Luxray: Sacred Plaza
  • Gligar: Celestica Ruins
  • Gabite: Clamberclaw Cliffs
  • Gliscor: Primeval Grotto
  • Probopass: Primeval Grotto
  • Rhyperior: Sacred Plaza
  • Mismagius: Stonetooth Rows
  • Golem: Bolderoll Ravine
  • Steelix: Celestica Trail
  • Brozong: Clamberclaw Cliffs
  • Hisuian Goodra: Ancient Quarry
  • Budew: Fabled Spring
  • Hisuian Basculin: Fabled Spring
  • Clefable: Fabled Spring
  • Mothim: Wayward Wood
  • Crobat: Wayward Cave

Alabaster Icelands

alabaster icelands

  • Garchomp: Avalanche Slopes
  • Froslass: Avalanche Slopes
  • Chansey: Avalanche Slopes
  • Lucario: Icebound Falls
  • Piloswine: Avalugg’s Legacy
  • Machamp: Arena’s Approach
  • Swinub: Avalugg’s Legacy
  • Glalie: Bonechill Wastes
  • Hisuian Sneasel: Avalugg’s Legacy
  • Mamoswine: Avalugg’s Legacy
  • Gardevoir: Heart’s Crag
  • Rufflet: Pearl Settlement
  • Gallade: Snowpoint Temple
  • Electabuzz: Icebound Falls
  • Abomasnow: Avalugg’s Legacy

That sums up this guide on the Alpha Pokemon locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus. If you like playing this game don’t forget to check our other guides on what are mass outbreaks and how to get grit.