All Weapon Mods In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Check out this guide to know all the weapon mods that you can use to modify your weapons in Fortnite.

Along with the new island and movement mechanics, the latest chapter in Fortnite also introduces players to Weapon Mods for the very first in the battle royale experience. In Chapter 5 Season 1, players will be able to customize their weapon loadouts even further with a variety of mods. There are different attachments that players can equip which can grant them different abilities like an extended magazine, reduced recoil, or even scope view in the game.

However, figuring out which mods suit the best for their weapon might be the task for players. And knowing all the weapon mods first would be the best option to get around it. In this guide, we have mentioned all the available mods for the weapon and how to mod in Fortnite.

List of All Weapon Mods in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

List Of All Weapons Mods In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1
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Here is a list of all the mod attachments that you will be able to use to customize your weapon loadout in Fortnite:


  • Sniper Scope – Has a 4x Scoped View.
  • P2X Optic – Has a 2x Scoped View.
  • Holo-13 Optic – Has a 1.3x Scoped View.
  • Red Eye Sight – Has a 1.15x Scoped View.


  • Drum Mag – Gives increased magazine capacity.
  • Speed Mag – Increases reload speed.


  • Angled Foregrip – Reduces time for ADS.
  • Laser – Increases Hipfire accuracy.
  • Vertical Foregrip – Improves ADS recoil and spread.


  • Muzzle Break – Reduces Recoil.
  • Suppressor – Reduces Muzzle Flash and dampens audio.

How to Mod Weapons in Fortnite

How To Mod Weapons In Fortnite
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To mod weapons in Fortnite, players will have to interact with mod benches available inside vaults. These vaults are scattered throughout different areas of the map. You will have to first face and kill the boss enemy outside of the vault to access it. Once you have defeated the enemy, simply head inside the vault and interact with the mod bench available to see all the weapon mods. After which you will be able to customize your weapon with all the mods in exchange for bars in Fortnite.

It is worth mentioning that players will also come across already-modded weapons through loot chests in the game. These weapons will have the mods according to their rarity in the game. The higher the rarity the more mods the weapon will consist of:

  • Uncommon rarity – One mod
  • Rare rarity – Two mods
  • Epic rarity – Three mods
  • Legendary rarity – Four mods

Common rarity weapons won’t consist of any weapon mods in Fortnite. However, players can further mod all these types of weapons with the use of mod benches in the game.

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