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FE Engage: All Stats & What They Do (Explained)

Here is how each stat affects your characters or weapons in FE Engage.

While playing Fire Emblem Engage you should understand how the different stats work. Every unit in this game has several stats. These are useful for knowing where their strengths lie and what weapons to give them. And using your units effectively will help you play the game better. So here are all character and weapon stats in Fire Emblem (FE) Engage and what they do.


All Stats in Fire Emblem Engage

fire emblem fe engage all stats and what they do

There are two types of stats that you should know about in this game, these Character Stats and Weapon Stats. Character or unit stats are important because they give you an idea about their strengths and weaknesses. As for the Weapon Stats, they let you know things like your weapon’s damage, range, and more. So here are them all:

How Character Stats Work in FE Engage

  • HP: Your unit’s health, that is its Hit Points.
  • BLD: Useful to check your unit’s physical size.
  • Move: The movement speed of your unit on the battlefield.
  • STR: Your unit’s Strength. It decides the damage they can do when using physical attacks.
  • MAG: Your unit’s Magic Power. It decides the damage they can do when using magical attacks.
  • DEX: Your unit’s Dexterity. The higher this stat is the more your character has a chance to deal critical damage on their attacks.
  • LCK: It determines the chances of your unit finding recovery items.
  • DEF: Your unit’s defense against physical attacks.
  • RES: Your unit’s defense against magical attacks.
  • SPD: It determines the cooldown time of your magic and combat arts.
  • Rating: The total of all your stats except HP and Move.

Weapon Stats

  • Ph Atk: The attack power of your weapon.
  • Mag Atk: The attack power of your magic.
  • Hit: The chance of your attack landing on your target.
  • Crit: The chance of your attack doing critical damage.
  • Spd: Helps you avoid enemy attacks.
  • Avo: It decides how likely your character is to avoid getting hit by the opponent.
  • Ddg: The chance of your character dodging the enemy’s critical hits.
  • Rng: The range of your weapon, that is from how far you can attack your target.

Stats are important and decide a lot of what happens in this game. Even if your stats are lower than your opponent’s, you can always turn the tides of the battle by picking your fights. Choosing the right opponent using the weapon triangle or fighting on the right field can help you out a lot. So whenever you make a move, always check your and your opponent’s stats to see who has the advantage.


That covers this guide on all character and weapon stats in Fire Emblem Engage and how they work. Since you like playing this game you should find our guides useful on how to recruit units and how to cook meals.