All Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes Listed

Out of some of your supplies in Helldivers 2? Don’t worry since you can call on some supply drops with these Stratagem Codes.

Fighting and surviving in Helldivers 2 is difficult and is likely to drain a chunk of supplies that you have carried. Fortunately, Stratagems are the backups that you can call from your Destroyer Ship. Players can use the Helldivers 2 Stratagem codes and they will get the supplies that they have assigned. Useful supplies like Supply Pack Stratagem, Autocannon, and more can be assigned and called for with the codes.

Stratagems are quite useful upgrades and they need to be used carefully. They can not only be useful for you but also for the players that you have teamed up with. You and your allies can coordinate and determine which Stratagems to bring to get through the enemies ahead of you. If you don’t know how to call Stratagem yet, this guide has everything you will need.

How to Use Stratagem Codes

Stratagems can be distributed into six categories, Patriotic Administration Centre, Orbital Cannons, Hanger, Bridge, Engineering Bay, and Robotics Workshop. Players can have a total of 4 Stratagems equipped before a mission at Ship Management that they can call on using the correct Stratagem Codes. To use Helldivers 2 Stratagem codes, players need to hold L1 and then use the D-Pad to input the correct sequence.

All Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes

All Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes
Players can use Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes to call on urgent supplies. Image Source: Helldivers 2

Here’s the complete list of all Helldivers 2 Stratagem Codes that players can use:

All Patriotic Administration Centre Stratagem Codes

StratagemStratagem Codes
Machine GunDown, Left, Down, Up, Right
Anti-Material RifleDown, Left, Right, Up, Down
StalwartDown, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left
Expendable Anti-TankDown, Down, Left, Up, Right
Recoilless RifleDown, Left, Right, Right, Left
AutocannonDown, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Right
RailgunDown, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right

All Orbital Cannons Stratagem Codes

StratagemStratagem Codes
Orbital Gatling BarrageRight, Down, Left, Up, Up
Orbital Airburst Strike
Orbital 120MM HE BarrageRight, Down, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Down
Orbital 380MM HE BarrageRight, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down
Orbital Walking Barrage
Orbital LaserRight, Up, Left, Up, Right, Left
Orbital Railcannon Strike

All Hangar Stratagem Codes

StratagemStratagem Codes
Eagle Strafing RunUp, Right, Right
Eagle Airstrike
Eagle Cluster BombUp, Right, Down, Down, Right, Down
Eagle Napalm AirstrikeUp, Right, Down, Up
Jump PackDown, Up, Up, Down, Up
Eagle Smoke Strike
Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods
Eagle 500KG Bomb

All Bridge Stratagem Codes

StratagemStratagem Codes
Orbital Precision StrikeLeft, Left, Up
Orbital Gas Strike
Orbital EMS Strike
Orbital Smoke Strike
HMG Replacement
Shield Generator Relay
Tesla Tower

All Engineering Bay Stratagem Codes

StratagemStratagem Codes
Anti-Personnel MinefieldDown, Left, Down, Up, Right
Supply Pack
Grenade LauncherDown, Left, Down, Up, Left, Down, Down
Laser Canon
Incendiary Mines
“Guard Dog” RoverDown, Left, Down, Up, Left, Down, Down
Ballistic Shield Backpack
Arc ThrowerDown, Right, Down, Up, Left, Left
Shield Generator PackDown, Up, Left, Down, Right, Right

All Robotics Workshop Stratagem Codes

StratagemStratagem Codes
Machine Gun SentryDown, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Up
Gatling SentryDown, Up, Right, Left, Down
Mortar Sentry
“Guard Dog”Down, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down
Autocannon Sentry
Rocket Sentry
EMS Mortar Sentry

This guide is a work in progress and we will update the rest of the Helldivers 2 Stratagem codes soon enough. We have arranged the list based on the level that players need to be to unlock each Stratagem in the category.

That’s all there is from this guide. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Helldivers 2 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.