All Hades 2 Door Symbols And Their Meanings

Want to find out what all the different door symbols mean in Hades 2? Here’s everything you need to know about them.

While trying to progress through this game, you will often come across a locked door that will have different symbols in Hades 2. It is important to understand what all of these symbols mean, as it is connected to the rewards, bosses, upgrades, and even resources you might find inside that particular room.

In this guide, we have listed all the information you will need to learn about these varied icons and the meaning behind them.

All Door Symbols in Hades 2 and Their Meaning

Ashes Symbols In Hades 2


The Ashes room is represented with a pile of ashes on the door. After entering this room and defeating the opponents, you will receive Ashes as a reward. You can use this resource to unlock Arcana Cards.

Bones Symbols In Hades 2


This door will have a stack of purple bones at the entrance. After completing the challenges in this room, you will be rewarded with Bones. This is a great resource to stock up on as you can trade it for other items by interacting with the Wretched Broker vendor at Crossroads.

Psyche Symbols In Hades 2


This room will feature a green liquid icon at the door. This resource can be used to increase the Grasp amount. Consequently, you will be able to equip more Arcana Cards.

Nectar Symbols In Hades 2


Nectar is represented by a bottle of yellowish-orange nectar at the door. Here, you will receive 1x bottle of nectar as a reward. Nectar is a great gift-giving item that can be used to boost relationships with all the allied characters.

Gold Crown Symbols In Hades 2

Gold Crown

As the name suggests, there will be a gold symbol at the entrance of this room. Upon completion, you will receive Gold Crown (coins). You can use these resources to purchase items from Charon’s shop and Wells of Charon.

Pom of Power Symbols In Hades 2

Pom of Power

The Pow of Power room will have a pomegranate symbol at the door. Once you have completed the challenges you faced in this room, you will be able to upgrade and increase the power of any boon of your choice.

Centaur Heart Door Symbols in Hades 2

Centaur Heart

Represented with a black and red heart icon, once you successfully complete this room and enter the next area, you will receive +25 Max Life points.

Magick Potion Symbols In Hades 2

Magick Potion/Bottle

The room will have a black bottle with a blue pentagram design at the door. Upon completion, you will gain a +30 Max Magick upgrade.

Daedalus Hammer Symbols In Hades 2

Daedalus Hammer

This room is represented by a hammer at the door. By defeating all the challenges in this area, you will be rewarded with a buff that will allow you to improve your weapon’s powers and attacks.

Golden Hands Symbols In Hades 2

Cupped/Golden Hands

As the name suggests, the symbol that the room will have at the door will be golden cupped hands. After entering the next room, you will encounter a vendor/merchant and he will provide you with some additional buffs for free.

Cinder Symbols In Hades 2


This area is presented by a set of planks on fire at the door. Here, you have to go against Headmistress Hecate. Once defeated, you will be awarded with 1x Cinder.

Pearl Symbols In Hades 2


You will see a giant white pearl at the entrance of this area. You will have to defeat Scylla and the Sirens to receive 1x Pearl as a reward.

Golden Apple Symbols In Hades 2

Golden Apple

The symbol of a golden apple will be presented at the entrance. Once you enter, you will have to battle the Guardian of the Rift of Thessaly to be rewarded with 1x Golden Apple.

Tears Symbols In Hades 2


You can easily identify this room as it has a blue tear icon at the door. Once you have defeated the Guardian of the Fields of Mourning (Cerberus) you will receive 1x Tears.

Zodiac Sand Symbols In Hades 2

Zodiac Sand

The symbol at the door will look similar to an hourglass structure. After you have entered this area, you will have to go against Chronos, Titan of Time, in order to be awarded in return.

Wool Symbols In Hades 2


This room too, is easily identifiable as it has the symbol of wool at the entrance. To be rewarded with 1x Wool, you will have to fight the Guardian of the City of Ephyra.

Charon's Shop Symbols In Hades 2

Charon’s Shop

As seen in the image above, this symbol represents Charon’s Shop. Charon is a vendor and once you enter this room, you will be able to visit his shop. He will have most of the useful resources you need to complete your challenging journey.

Boons Symbols In Hades 2


Each of the gods in Hades 2 will bless you with particular boons, that will be incredibly helpful. Here’s the list of each of them, along with their door symbols so that you are able to identify it quickly:

  • Aphrodite – Pink Heart
  • Apollo – Shinning Golden Star
  • Demeter – Frozen Feather
  • Hephaestus – Golden Tongs
  • Hera – Blue Shield
  • Hestia – Flame
  • Hermes – Golden Wing
  • Poseidon – Blue Trident
  • Selene – Crescent Moon
  • Zeus – Lightning Bolt

We have covered everything you need to know about all the door symbols in Hades 2 and their meaning. To learn more about this game, make sure to check out how you can get Marble, Iron, Wheat, Moly, and Limestone.