Zelda TotK All Crystal Refinery Locations

In Tears of the Kingdom, you should first focus on finding the Crystal Refinery Locations. That’s because this refinery is the only place that can help you to upgrade Links Energy Cells. But before you head there make sure you have at least 100x Crystallized Charge so you can make a deal with the Construct. For those who are unaware, you can forge this charge item by exchanging Zoniate ore at Forge Construct. But if you already have enough of it, then let’s check out the locations to find the Surface, and Sky Crystal Refinery in TotK.

Every Crystal Refinery in Zelda TotK (Locations)

There are only 2 Crystal Refinery locations available in Zelda TotK. The first one is located on the Surface, near the Lookout Landing and the second is on the Great Sky Island, near Nachoyah Shrine. However, reaching them is kind of tricky in the initial stages of the game. But don’t worry, for your reference below we have mentioned all the abovementioned places’ coordinates.

Surface Crystal Refinery tears of the kingdom
Source Image: MapGenie

Surface Crystal Refinery

In the Surface world, the Crystal Refinery is located in the slightly northeast direction of Lookout Landing. You’ll find this refinery at -0213 0195 0031 coordinates. Reaching it is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is exit the northern gate of Lookout Landing and get on top of the giant ledge-looking rock.

Where to Find Crystal Refinery in Zelda TotK (Locations) Great Sky Island
Source Image: MapGenie

Great Sky Island Crystal Refinery

To reach the Great Sky Island Crystal Refinery you’ll have to go in the western direction from the Nachoyah Shrine. This refinery is located at 0367 -1651 2298 coordinates. If you’re a new player then check out how you can solve Nachoyah Shrine. After doing that you’ll easily be able to access the refinery.

That is all you need to know about the locations to find Crystal Refinery in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Apart from batteries, you should also focus on Links health, so check out how to increase Hearts & Stamina in the game. Also, take a look at the Duplication glitch to dupe items easily.