Alchemy Stars Old Seal Explained

Learn more about the Alchemy Stars Old Seal game mechanic.

Alchemy Stars has a game mechanic that is known as the Old Seal. This mechanic unlocks later on in the game and you will have to get in pretty far in the game to get to it. However, it opens up a whole new dimension to the game and changes the gameplay experience. So, let’s find out more about the Old Seal in the game.

How does the Old Seal work in Alchemy Stars?

Alchemy Stars Old Seal

Old Seal allows you to choose between one of the four 6-Star units for free. And as a bonus, the ascension levels of said characters have been maxed out. All these characters can only be acquired through the Old Seal mechanic in the game. You get to choose between the characters named Regal, Frostfire, Mythos, and Requiem.

How to unlock the Old Seal Mechanic?

To unlock and get the Old Seal mechanic in the game you will first have to get to Stage 8. The Old Seal will only get unlocked in Alchemy Stars after you complete Stage 7 in the game.
So, you will have to get through the game very quickly and get to Stage 8 in the game. For this, you will have to constantly keep playing the game. You will also get a reward if you simply log in for 10 days in a row. Completing all the daily challenges and leveling up will get you XP as a reward which will allow you to get to Stage 8 quickly.

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This is everything that you will need to know about how the Old Seal mechanic works as well as how to unlock this mechanic in Alchemy Stars. While you are here you can also have a look at the Alchemy Stars Tier List And Reroll Guide to know more about the characters in the game.