Alchemy Stars Tier List

Here's a guide on Alchemy Stars Tier List & how to Reroll.

Our Alchemy Stars Characters Tier List and Reroll guide will give you everything you need to know about the best characters to pick. This game is now released for both major mobile OS platforms. With almost 20 playable characters and different abilities, you must want to reroll or wonder who the best character is. So, for your convenience, we’ve ranked the characters from S tier to C tier according to information compiled from Reddit and more.

Alchemy Stars Best Characters Tier List

Alchemy Stars apk is available right now in both App Store & Play Store. With the game installed, here are the best 5-star characters, 4 star characters, and 3 star characters sorted by type in Alchemy Stars Tier List, so you can aim for them in reroll:

Best Fire Alchemy Stars Characters List

Tier Character
S Tier Elsie
S Tier Jonah
S Tier Karon
S Tier Uriel
S Tier Victoria
A Tier Barbara
A Tier Beni & Kuro
A Tier Faust
A Tier Istaban
A Tier Maggie
A Tier Regina
A Tier Riona
B Tier Bomber
B Tier Chandra
B Tier Hale
B Tier Nails
B Tier Putty & Pashi
C Tier Curique
C Tier Peep
C Tier Soku & Baek
C Tier Tiny

Best Water Alchemy Stars Characters List

Tier Character
S Tier Bethlehem
S Tier Clarin
S Tier Karen
S Tier Rafael
S Tier Shari
S Tier Xylona
A Tier Burton
A Tier Hydry
A Tier Kleeken
A Tier Noah
A Tier Philis
A Tier Vise
A Tier Watari
B Tier Bear & Pegi
B Tier Chloe
B Tier Constant
B Tier Jane
B Tier Migenni
B Tier Ms. Blanc
C Tier Corgon
C Tier Nanos
C Tier Seleucus
C Tier Zoya

Best Thunder Alchemy Stars Characters List

Tier Character
S Tier Garou
S Tier Irunti
S Tier L’AS
S Tier Michael
A Tier Burberry
A Tier Dyna
A Tier Keetin
A Tier Miya
A Tier Namisys
A Tier Solrad
A Tier Vivian
B Tier Anshia
B Tier Kafka
B Tier Lilim
B Tier Nadine
B Tier Rabbi
B Tier Tessa
C Tier Amy
C Tier Angel
C Tier Crow
C Tier Unimate

Best Forest Alchemy Stars Characters List

Tier Character
S Tier Gabriel
S Tier Heero
S Tier Mijad
S Tier Nasilis
A Tier Irina
A Tier Kusuta
A Tier Lewis
A Tier Oti
A Tier Robin
A Tier Scarley
A Tier Sepha
B Tier Jura
B Tier Leicester
B Tier Silva
B Tier Uriah
B Tier Wendy
C Tier Clover
C Tier Dove
C Tier Jomu
C Tier Offira
C Tier Rear

Above are the best hero characters to pick for your team, in each class type.

Best Alchemy Stars Character Team Setup with Tier List

  • Aim for all team characters to be in the same color
  • You can go for any color Captain you prefer
  • The captain must be your strongest character
  • From the above tier list, pick
    • 1x Healer
    • 2x Chain Combo Character
    • A Hero who can Shift on Tiles

Alchemy Stars Reroll Reddit

Alchemy Stars How to Reroll Guide

According to the Beta, u/Juliwens on Reddit made a well-detailed Alchemy Stars Reroll and Progression Guide in Reddit. Make sure to read it right here to get more extensive info on this topic.

Now we will share our opinion based on this guide, others, and our time with the game beta:

How to Reroll?

Method 1

  • Delete shared_prefs
  • The file can be located at:
  • For this, you will need root access to your device.

Method 2

  • Create a new email ID.
  • Make a new account in Alchemy Stars.
  • Link your new account with the new email.

Method 3

  • Delete and reinstall the game to get new reroll
  • This might not work sometimes, so use the other 2 methods above.

That’s everything you need to know about Alchemy Stars Tier List & Reroll according to Reddit. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Tier Lists to know our rankings for characters in other games.