How To Get Aerocuda Wings In Zelda TOTK (Farm Guide)

Aerocuda Wings is a multi-purpose material used for fusion, upgradation, and recovery. If you are looking for them? Here is how to get them in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Aerocuda Wings are one of the most useful items in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They are used for recovery, trading, and even fusion. But the most prominent use of this material is tier 3 and 4 Glide set upgrades. If you are trying to upgrade Glide sets, then materials like Keese Wings, Gleeok Wings, and Aerocuda Wings are the primary items. So read this guide and learn how to collect these Aerocuda Wings in Zelda TOTK.

Best Aerocuda Wings Farming Locations in Tears Of The Kingdom

Get Aerocuda Wings Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Aerocuda Wings are obtained from Aerocuda monsters. They drop two items: Aerocuda Wings and Aerocuda Eyeballs, both of which are used for multiple purposes. Aerocuda has a large body and can be easily spotted in Mount Lanayru and Hebra Mountains. You can travel to Mount Lanayru from Zakusu Shrine (3526, -1482, 0182) and the Hebra Mountains from Rutafu-um Shrine (-2998, 3102, 0529). Apart from these, there are a few other regions where you can hunt Aerocuda in TOTK, all of which have been listed below with the nearest Shrine.

  • East Necluda – Tokiy Shrine (2304, -2378, -0015)
  • Gerudo Canyon – Turakamik Shrine (-2657, -2237, 0082)
  • North Tabantha Snowfield – Oshozan-u Shrine (-1404, 3678, 0302)
  • Akkala Highlands – Sinatanika Shrine (3842, 2300, 0062)

How to Hunt Aerocuda

Even though they have large bodies, they are not very strong and neither roam in groups. Plus, due to their large body, shooting arrows becomes easier. They can be killed with just a few shots if using Keese Eyeballs and Bomb Flower, both of which are easy to obtain and use. But depending on other aspects, like the strength of your bow and arrow, it might take several shots for you to hunt it down.

That’s all you need to do to hunt Aerocuda and get its Wings in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). If you find such farming guides helpful, read where to farm Fortified Pumpkin and get Rock Salt in TOTK.