Zelda TOTK Fortified Pumpkin Locations (Where To Farm)

Mansi Singh
3 Min Read

Zelda TotK Fortified Pumpkin is a consumable item capable of regenerating 0.5 Hearts when eaten raw, and 1 HP when made into a recipe. This vegetable was introduced in the BotW and is part of the Tears of the Kingdom too. Now, there are several locations where you can find, buy and farm these Fortified pumpkins in TotK, all of which we have covered in this guide.

Fortified Pumpkin Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Fortified Pumpkin Zelda TotK Locations

Fortified Pumpkin can be obtained in two ways: General Store and Hinox.

Where to Buy Fortified Pumpkin

Now, only two stores are selling this item. First is High Spirits Produce (1794, -1029, 0130) of Kakariko Village near Makasura Shrine. And second, East Wind (3361, -2172, 0134) of Hateno Village near Zanmik Shrine. These shops sell this item for the price of 20 Rupees.

How to Get it as a Drop

Now, talking about the second method, Hinox. It is a recurring enemy of the series that drops Fortified Pumpkin in Zelda TotK when defeated. Thus, you can either purchase them from the mentioned stores or get them by killing Hinox primarily in Hyrule Ridge and West Necluda areas. Though they are spread all over the Surface map, these two areas are where they pop up most in the TotK.

Locations to Farm Fortified Pumpkin (Map Coordinates)

If you are still finding it difficult to track and farm Fortified Pumpkin from Hinox in TotK, then try the coordinates we have jotted down below to save time.

  • Carok Bridge (-1080, 0462, 0036)
  • Southeast of Irch Plain (-0742, 1263, 0082)
  • North of Mable Ridge (1470, -1330, 0099)
  • North of forest surrounding Batrea Lake (0693, -1081, 0012)
  • South of Ash Swamp (2051, -2004, 0020)
  • West of Trilby Plain (1305, 0910, 0028)
  • Near Mekar Island in the southwest (-0407, 2011, 0177)
  • Southeast of Rutile Lake (-2275, -0723, 0106)
  • Hebra Headspring (-2825, 2433, 0404)
  • Ludfo’s Bog (-2221, 0759, 0103)
  • North of Rowan Plain (-1246, 2109, 0106)
  • West of Upland Lindor (-2736, 1334,0160)

Track these locations and defeat Hinox to farm or purchase Fortified Pumpkin from Hateno and Kakariko Village stores in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and try these TotK recipes to enhance its effects.