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Animal Crossing New Horizons Dab Fish: How To Catch, Locations, Price, And More

Catch the Dab fish.

You have tons of creatures like bugs, fishes, and other sea creatures to catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons. One of the many fishes that you can catch and sell for a good price is Dab. In this guide, we will walk you through everything that you need to know about the Dab fish. We will discuss how to catch a dab fish in ACNH, where it spawns, at what time it spawns, what is the price, and more.

What is Dab’s Spawn Time and Location in ACNH?


Dab is a very common fish in ACNH that spawns in the Northern Hemisphere from October to April and in the Southern Hemisphere from April to September. You will find it at any time of the day across the ocean. Note that you won’t find it usually in the ponds and rivers, so look for it in the oceans.

how to catch a dab fish in animal crossing new horizons

How to Catch a Dab Fish in ACNH?


You can catch a Dab in ACNH by pressing A while equipping a fishing rod. You can use bait or catch the fish without it. The Dab is a medium-sized fish; hence, it will show a medium shadow. So all you need to do is look for a medium-sized shadow and press A to use your fishing rod and catch a Dab in ACNH.

What is Dab’s Selling Price in ACNH?

You can sell the Dab for 300 Bells at Nook’s Cranny or you can ear 450 Bells if you take it all the way to CJ. As the Dabs are very common in ACNH, you can easily collect a huge amount of Bells by catching and selling them.


That’s everything you need to know about how to catch a Dab in ACNH. There are a lot more creatures that you can catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For instance, you can catch Monarch Butterfly, Pike, Red Dragonfly, and Mitten Crab in the game.