Aceles or Microbe: Which Should You Choose In Starfield?

In one of the missions you will get a task to take down Terrormorphs, but before you unlock the objective to kill them you have to pick one choice between Aceles Or Microbes.

Terrormorphs will appear in the Grun Work mission of Starfield. But before you unlock this mission, you have to meet Major Hadrian Sanon in quest of Hostile Intelligence. Here you will have a choice to pick two different ways to kill Terrormorphs who are terrorizing an outpost. This guide will help you out with dealing with Aceles Or Microbes multiple choice and kill Terrormorphs.

Starfield Aceles or Microbe Choice

Starfield Kill Terrormorph

During the Grunt Work Mission, you will have to land on Tau Ceti II. There is an outpost destroyed by Terrormorphs, the objective here is to kill them all. But this will be possible once you choose one from Aceles or Microbe. The choice of Aceles will take you to Tau Ceti II.

Follow the objective marker after landing on Tau Ceti II, to reach Tau Gourment Production Center. Major Hadrian will tell you about the attack, After the conversation follow the next objective marker that will take you to a security hub. Here you will have to activate two things, Automated Defense and Tracking System.

Tau Gourmet Security

Select Security Connection Status > Reset Security Connection. Next, select Automated Defense and then Tracking System. Wait there for a while till Hadrian analyzes the system then access the security hub again. S

  • Select Tracking System > System Status > On.
  • Set the frequency to 183.5

One of the Aceles will appear and it will be attacked by the Terrormorph. Your next job is to kill this monster. To do this you will have to restore power to 3 Kill Lanes. It is an option quest, but this will make your job easy.

Starfield Kill Lane Power Terminal

Just follow the objective marker that will take you to the Power Breaker terminal. Some are on the roof side while some are inside. While locating the terminal you will also have to avoid Terrormorph’s path. The best is unlock Boost Pack, a kind of Jet Pack. You can jump from roof to roof easily using this skill. It is a part of Boost Pack Training Skill.

Activate all three of them and now you will have to make the Terrormorph monster chase you. Just shoot at the monster and run around, the auto-tracking system will detect him and start attacking. This will take a little time, make sure you maintain a good distance from the creatures.

What are Aceles and Microbes?

Aceles are alien creatures, Terrormorphs hunt them. So the first method is to breed Aceles and release them in nature. This will help humans to track down Terrormorph’s location and end them.

The second method to kill Terrormorphs is using Microbes. They are micro-organisms that will be released into the air and will spread across the regions infested with Terrormorphs.

Starfield Aceles or Microbes

These microbes will wipe out Terrormorph DNA which is kind of a permanent solution to their attacks. But it is a risker method. Whatever options you choose the goal is to kill Terrormorphs. Now if you choose the second one then you don’t have to do much. Take the first option of Aceles, which will unlock your next objective of finding Hadrian.

So this was how to take down Terrormorph in Starfield. For more similar guides do check our Starfield Guides section.