Lies Of P: Should You Accept Red Fox’s Offer? (Explained)

Friends or Fiends? Check out our guide if you should accept Red Fox's offer in Lies of P.

If you are confused if you should accept Red Fox’s offer in Lies of P, it’s alright as this choice can dictate your entire gameplay. You will meet the siblings, the Red Fox and Black Cat, for the first while progressing to the Workshop Union location in Area III. Except for buying the Ripped Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide III from Black Cat or not, you won’t have to make any tough choices. But as you progress, you will meet the duo again with Red Fox offering you to join forces with them. But considering this duo can be a bit unreliable, should you accept Red Fox’s offer? Check out our guide that explains everything about this choice.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains heavy spoilers related to the storyline and gameplay. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back, and check again later.

Should You Accept Red Fox’s Offer in Lies of P?

Lies Of P Accept Red Fox Offer

Yes, you should accept Red Fox’s offer in Lies of P as it’s a better option than the latter. If you accept Red Fox’s offer, the siblings will lend you their support and become your companions. In addition, this will allow you to progress with their questline and know more about these NPCs. However, if you choose to refuse, you will have to fight your way through Malum District in Area V solo. The duo will remember your decision until you encounter them the next time.

Black Cat & Red Fox Questline (Gold Coin Fruit)

Lies Of P Accept Red Fox Offer Black Cat Questline

You will encounter the Red Fox and Black Cat in Lies of P for the third time as you continue through the Grand Exhibition in Area VII. This time Black Cat will ask you for a Gold Coin Fruit. If you hand him the fruit, both the siblings will be immensely grateful and consider you a friend. The Red Fox will also reward you with a Beg gesture and a Quixotic vinyl record. But if you don’t help and give them the fruit, they will plead for the fruit desperately. At this point, you can choose to head back to Hotel Krat and grab a Gold Coin Fruit. You can get the Coin from the Gold Coin Tree.

But if you refuse and progress to the next area, they will remember this decision. As a result, you will face Red Fox and Black Cat in Lies of P as individual boss fights. You will face them at the Arche Abby Outer Wall in Area XI separately. But if you gave one Gold Coin Fruit to Black Cat at the Grand Exhibition, you can avoid these boss fights. Instead, you can give another Gold Coin Fruit to Black Cat to skip this boss fight. Once you give him a coin, he will reward you with a Black Cat’s mask.

As you progress, you will encounter Red Fox who will ask you for another Gold Coin Fruit for Black Cat. She will reward you with a Red Fox mask and thank you for your kindness if you give her the coin. If you refuse, you will face her as a boss fight. So, we recommend giving her a Gold Coin if you want to avoid this boss fight.

Personally, accepting Black Cat and Red Fox’s offers is a particularly feel-good playthrough and questline. But if you prefer challenging a Soulslike playthrough and intend to fight tough bosses, you can also refuse their offers. In the end, these decisions can heavily impact your playthrough. Ultimately, this choice also depends on your desired playstyle. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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