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AC6 Eliminate The Enforcement Squad Battle Log Guide

Simplest Battle Log to collect in Armored Cored 6 mission, extremely easy to miss.

The Enforcement Squad objective appears in Chapter 3 or Armored Core 6. During this mission, if you follow the objective you will lose the Battle Log. It is available at the very start of the mission. All you have to do is just ignore the main objectives for a while and follow the steps from this guide. After a small combat that is triggered by interaction with an NPC, you will earn the battle log.

How To Get Enforcement Squad Battle Log

AC6 Eliminate Enforcement NPC

The Enforcement Squad Battle Log is unlocked after eliminating the PCA enforcement squad. This squad is not available at the start, you will have to call it out by accessing a dead NPC. It will give you a Video Record: Rubiconian Invective. Here are the steps on how to find the NPC.

  • At the start of the mission, turn right towards the metal columns.
  • Cross two of them and take another steep right, between rocks.
  • The dead mech is near the rocks. Interact to get the video recorded.

After accessing the Video Record, you will have to deal with the ambush. A kind of mini-boss named Ring Freddit will attack you. Chase the bot and take him down. Once done you will get the battle log. You can then continue with the mission to complete other objectives.

AC6 has a lot of Combat Logs hidden in various objectives. Some of them are rewarded as a part of the playing mission while some are dropped by NPCs in hidden locations. If you are looking for more help in finding all Battle Logs, then you can check our AC6 Battle Logs Guide. This guide has info about all trophies as well as battle log locations of some of the main missions. The game has three game+ and it will require around two complete playthroughs to unlock all the battle logs. So this is kind of a tiring task, but it has a hidden perk. Collecting all Battle Logs will reward you with a rare Platinum Trophy. A way of showing your mastery level in the game. So if you are geared up to get all then refer to the link for details.