AC Valhalla: Take Or Leave Resources Choice – Which One to Choose?

Which is the right choice and what are the outcomes of each option? Learn all about the Take or Leave resources choice in AC Valhalla right here.

If you are wondering whether to take or leave resources in AC Valhalla and which one is the right choice, this guide will explain all the outcomes. This is one of the earlier decisions you have to make and you may want to know how each decision affects your future in the game. So, without further ado, here’s which option to pick – take resources to England or leave resources for Styrbjorn.

Should you Take or Leave Resources in AC Valhalla?

Unlike the Banish or Kill Gorm choice, the Take or Leave Resources guide will have an impact on Sigurd’s behavior towards you near the end. This is how each choice can affect your relation with Sigurd.

What happens if you take resources to England?

Eivor says, “If we go, we will need all the help we can get” and suggests to take resources. Sigurd replies that he abhors such theft but accepts it anyway.


This means you will get more resources when you head to England (700 instead of 300). Later in the story, Sigurd does get angry due to this so if you don’t want to make that happen, pick the other option. But if you prefer supplies over that, pick this one.

What happens if you leave resources for Styrbjorn?

You reply that England will have “riches and cargo enough for us”. When you leave resources for Styrbjorn, Sigurd becomes happy but that means you have less supplies. Towards the end of the game, this choice will be mentioned and Sigurd will be happy when he talks about it.


That’s pretty much how the take or leave resources choice in AC Valhalla goes. Make your decision according to how you want things to shape up.

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