What To Do With Gorm In AC Valhalla – Banish Or Kill Gorm?

Find out the best option and outcomes for the Kill or Banish Gorm choice.

.If you are wondering which choice you should make about Gorm the Traitor, you have come to the right place. In this AC Valhalla Banish or Kill Gorm choice guide about the Birthrights quest, we will explain the consequences for all choices and the right choice to make. We will explain how each choice affects you and help you make your decision based on the outcomes.

Should I Banish or Kill Gorm in AC Valhalla? (All Outcomes)


You will have three choices of either killing him, banishing him and letting the king decide. The answer to your question of should I banish or kill Gorm is that no matter what you do, King Harald will do as he pleases. So, even if you choose to kill or banish, it will eventually end up being the King’s decision. You can pick that you want to kill him, but the King will reply that a quick death is too good for him. If you decide to banish him, the King will say that you made a wise choice. And if you let the King decide, Gorm will be banished anyway.

AC Valhalla King Harald Birthrights Choice – Which Option to Choose?


Irrespective of your choice, Gorm will be exiled and the King will rename him Worm (yes, Gorm becomes Worm). With a death threat from the King, Gorm is sent off from the lands. But, don’t fret, because he does play a role in the story later on.

Although it is disappointing to know that your choice doesn’t really make a difference, you will get a chance to kill him further ahead. So, simply keep playing.

That’s all we’ve got on what to do with Gorm and if you should banish or kill Gorm in AC Valhalla. With that cleared up, learn more about how to unlock Thor’s helmet, How to Unlock Draugr Armor Set and much more. Plus, we’ve got lots of location guides that will help you unlock various important elements like wealth, keys and more.