Where To Find And Defeat King Burgred In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Get King Burgred's location and kill him to complete a mission.

While playing the Tilting the Balance main story mission, you will have to find and defeat King Burgred in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. King Burgred is hiding and finding his location is quite challenging. In this guide, we will walk you through where to find and defeat King Burgred in AC Valhalla to easily complete the Tilting the Balance mission.

Where to Find King Burgred Location in AC Valhalla

You will find King Burgred’s location in AC Valhalla in a crypt located at the convergence of Arwy and Alne rivers on the map. The crypt will be named Offchurch. The first thing that you need to do is keep following the marker of the quest that will take you to King Burgred’s hideout. King Burgred is in the basement of the hideout. Hence, you will have to find the entrance to the hideout to get to him.

where to find and defeat king burgred in assassin's creed valhalla

Use Raven’s Sight to find the entrance. What you must be looking for here is a small house near a red camp and bonfire to the left side of the base. Once you find the entrance to the hideout, enter it. Watch out for enemies as it is a heavily guarded area. After entering the small house, you will find a staircase leading down to the basement.

While going down the staircase, you will enter a room. On the right side of the room will be a small hole opening blocked by a crate. Simply destroy the crate and get past the hole to reach the adjacent room where a few guards will be awaiting you. Kill the guards and proceed further on the staircase.
You will find another room filled with guards. Takedown these guards and find a breakable wall in the room. Use oil jars to break the wall and find the Fyrd Spear there.

After collecting the spear, get back to the room where you defeated the guards. Now, head to the room to the right side. Defeat the Skirmisher here and collect a key from his body. Use the key to unlock the door behind him. This door will take you to King Burgred’s location in AC Valhalla. After a short scene, your fight against the mighty king will begin. You can refer to the video below for a complete visual walkthrough of the mission and finding King Burgred’s location.

How to Defeat King Burgred in AC Valhalla

You need to focus on parrying and dodging King Burgred’s attacks to easily defeat him. There won’t be any weapons available to attack the king; hence, it is best to wait for him to attack and then parry it. After parrying get to his back and use melee attacks to deal damage. King Burgred will have a shield, so it is best to attack him from behind. Depending on your melee attack stats, it might take some time to beat King Burgred in AC Valhalla.

Defeating King Bulgred will complete the Tilting the Balance mission and get you a lucrative reward of Sepulcher Fire Axe. Sepulcher Fire Axe is probably one of the best axes that you can have. Hence, the reward makes it worth taking all the trouble to find and beat King Burgred.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find and defeat King Burgred in AC Valhalla. While in Ledecestrescire completing the Tilting the Balance mission, you can also lookout for the Hoard treasure map available in this area. You can also find Legendary Animals in this location and kill them to get lucrative rewards. Apart from the animals, you can also collect the legendary Bayek outfit in AC Valhalla.