AC Valhalla Drunk Bug: How To Fix Yule Festival Drinking Contest Bug?

This AC Valhalla Drunk bug makes Eivor stay drunk after the drinking contest. Here's how to fix this glitch in Assassin's Creed's Yule Festival event.

The Yule Festival is a time for celebration for Vikings but this update has taken the celebratory drunkenness to another level. Players are observing that after playing the Yule Festival’s drinking game, Eivor stays drunk. Whenever Eivor respawns, wakes up or even if you try to load the game normally, Eivor will remain drunk. How to fix this issue? Find out here.

How to Fix AC Valhalla Drunk Bug (Yule Festival Glitch)


Players are posting on reddit about Eivor staying permanently drunk after loading. This is due to the drinking game event and user u/dragonchasers has mentioned that fast traveling helped solve this issue. Although there is no official AC Valhalla drunk bug fix from Ubisoft, you can try fast traveling or even meditating and see if Eivor sobers up.  It is indeed frustrating that even after the Yule Festival contest is completed, Eivor is always drunk. This will obviously affect the other quests you may want to complete.

Apart from this, players are encountering issues during Yule Brawls where some invisible obstacles are appearing in the middle of the fighting area. Plus, the quest markers in The Case of The Missing Ale are going to wrong locations which is causing quite a bit of confusion.

Players are also seeing issues where their Yule Festival disappeared completely. Moreover, some are seeing that their fully upgraded quiver has become bugged after playing the Twirling Targets challenge.

Well, we hope Ubisoft will fix these issues in an upcoming patch. But if things are working fine for you, check out how to complete the Cow Catcher side quest, farm Yule Tokens and complete the Yule Festival tasks easily.

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