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Honakai Star Rail Path Of Abundance: How To Unlock It

You can unlock the Path of Abundance by completing the World 5 in Simulated Universe of Honkai Star Rail. Here's how.

While there are 7 total Paths in Honkai Star Rail, the Path of Abundance is something you shouldn’t miss. Whichever character is following the Path of Abundance will mostly look forward to healing their allies. Hence, having such characters is a must as they can help players remain on the battlefield for longer. However, like the Path of Preservation, there are some tasks that you need to complete. With that being said, here’s how you can unlock the Path of Abundance in HSR.

How to Unlock Abundance Path in Honkai Star Rail

To unlock the Path of Abundance, you need to complete the boss fight in World 5 of the Simulated Universe. For those who don’t know, it is a Combat Challenge wherein there are 6 levels (6 Worlds). Each World contains a set of enemies and boss fights that you need to complete using your team.

How to Unlock Abundance Path in Honkai Star Rail
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There are Blessings (buffs) aligned with each Path that you can collect in the Simulated Universe. So, to defeat the boss in World 5, which is Kafka, you must carry an adequate amount of Path Abundance Blessings. This will give your team an extra boost by removing the status effect afflicted by Kafka on your teammates. In addition, you can also use Preservation blessings to increase your Defensive stats & minimize the damage intake.

Give your level best performance and defeat Kafka to finally unlock the Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail.

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