Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe – How It Works (Guide)

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You will first encounter the Simulated Universe when you go to Herta’s office in Honkai Star. Invented by Herta, the Simulated Universe is a combat trial that will give you rewards every week. You will have to clear six different Worlds while you progress through the story. We will show you how you can earn rewards easily in our Honkai Star Simulated Universe guide right here.

How to Get Rewards in Simulated Universe of Honkai Star


Simulated Universe is the best location to get Planar Sphere and Link Rope Relics. You will earn these rewards after beating elite monsters and other bosses in each World. You will get rewards for simply participating in the combat scenarios. They reset each Monday, so come back to get your rewards each week. You can also get Stellar Jades and other decent rewards while you run through Simulated Universe.

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How Simulated Universe Works in Honkai Star Rail

Simulated Universe will be unlocked after you complete the “Universe in a Nutshell” quest. Each room that you enter might either have enemies or an Event. After beating the enemies or completing the event, you will be able to select any of the three buffs available. You can also earn Ability Points while playing in the Simulated Universe. But these points can only be used in the skill tree that is available within the universe. Also, you won’t be able to heal yourself by eating food in the Simulated Universe.

And it’s extremely difficult to beat the Simulated Universe initially, so don’t worry, just upgrade your power and come back again.

That’s everything covered in the Honkai Star Simulated Universe Guide. We hope all your questions were answered and you learned how to earn rewards. If you want to know how to get free Stellar Jades, Credits and other rewards, then check out all Honkai Star Rail Codes. To learn more about the best characters in the game, check out our Honkai Star Rail Tier List. And for all tips and tricks related to the game, head to our Honkai Star Rail section.

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