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Abandoned Operator DMZ Mission Guide Warzone 2

Don't know how to find the Shopkeeper in Koschei Complex? Learn about his location in our Abandoned Operator Warzone 2 DMZ Mission guide.

The introduction of Koschei Complex in Season 3 Reloaded has also brought a whole new set of missions for DMZ’s Redacted Faction. One of the many missions that you will undertake in this underground complex will be the Abandoned Operator. It is a Tier 4 mission in Warzone 2 DMZ that requires you to find certain locations and collect several items to unlock the Secure Buy Station as the ultimate objective. Since this is quite a lengthy and difficult mission, you might need to plate up and also have an overpowered secondary weapon like the FTAC Siege. We will guide you through the rest of it. Check out how to complete the Abandoned Operator DMZ Mission in Warzone 2.

How to Complete the Abandoned Operator DMZ Mission in Warzone 2

To complete the Abandoned Operator DMZ mission, you will need to locate the Shopkeeper, trade some items with him, and purchase any item from his shop. You will be rewarded with the L2 Restricted Zone Key and 15,000 XP. To know how to do this mission step by step, keep reading till the end.

Where to Find the Shopkeeper in Koschei Complex DMZ


The Shopkeeper can be found at the Factory Admin section of the Koschei Complex. This area can be accessed from any of the four Koschei Complex entrances in DMZ. All you need to do is head to the Chemical Plant door first and unlock it with Jumper Cables and a Battery. Once you’re inside the Chemical Plant, you will need to look for the Factory Admin key.

It can be usually found inside the air vents or dropped by AI soldiers. Once you have the key, head towards the western part of the Chemical Plant to find a Bunker door. Unlock this door to enter the Factory Admin section in the Abandoned Operator DMZ mission. Now, just look for indicators around the walls to reach the Shopkeeper’s location and continue the mission.

Trade Items with the Shopkeeper


Now, the second part of the Abandoned Operator DMZ quest will require you to trade 2 specific items with the Shopkeeper. To know what items these are, read the note kept on a table inside. Keep in mind, however, this list of items is refreshed on every deployment. So, far, we know about four set of items on the Shopkeeper’s list along with their locations. They are:

  • Chlorine, Liquid Nitrogen, Acetic Acid, and Sulfuric Acid
    • Location: Found inside lockers at the Barracks section of Koschei Complex
  • Scientist Note, Employee Handbook, and Lab Code Book
    • Location: Inside Vintage Desks at External Ops and Information Extraction.
  • Colored Server Tape
    • Location: Found within the Alpha Cluster.
  • Alpha, Beta and Delta Boards
    • Location: Found inside Radio Crates at Information Extraction.

Once you have collected the required items asked by the Shopkeeper, return to the same area at Factory Admin. Drop all the items at the Dead Drop to activate the Secure Buy Station and reach the last part of the Abandoned Operator Mission.

Purchase 1 Item from the Shopkeeper – Abandoned Operator DMZ


This is by far the most straightforward part of the Abandoned Operator Mission. All you need to do is buy any item from the Shopkeeper’s Secure Buy Station. Simply purchase any item you like to complete the Abandoned Operator DMZ mission.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Abandoned Operator mission in DMZ Warzone 2. For more Redacted Faction guides, check out how to complete the Archaeologist DMZ mission. And for all other guides, head to our Warzone 2 section.