All 5 Star Recipes In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here are all the 5 star meals recipes that you can make in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to cook meals and sell them for some extra Star Coins. It also lets you raise your friendship with the characters and helps you progress fast. Similarly, as a bonus players can even eat the dish and increase their energy level in the game. If you also want to enjoy these perks of cooking meals in the game, then we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the 5 star meal recipes that you can make in Disney Dreamlight Valley easily.

List of 5 Star Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Appetizers, Entrees, & Dessert)

Here are the recipes of all the 5 star meals including Appetizers, Entrees & Desserts in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For those who are unaware, there are up to 160+ meals available in the game that include 20+ five stars dishes. So without any further ado let’s start cooking.

All 5 Star Meals Recipes Disney Dreamlight Valley

Entrees – 5 Star Meals

5 Star Meal Recipes
Gumbo 1x Shrimp, 1x Chili Pepper, 1x Okra, 1x Tomato, 1x Onion
Lancetfish Paella 1x Shrimp, 1x Seafood, 1x Lancetfish, 1x Tomato, 1x Rice
Lobster Roll 1x Wheat, 1x Lemon, 1x Lobster, 1x Butter, 1x Garlic
Teriyaki Salmon 1x Soya, 1x Rice, 1x Ginger, 1x Salmon, 1x Sugarcane
Tuna Burger 1x Lemon, 1x Onion, 1x Tuna, 1x Wheat, 1x Vegetable
Vegetarian Pizza 1x Cheese, 1x Wheat, 2x Vegetables, 1x Tomato,
Greek Pizza 1x Wheat, 1x Cheese, 1x Herb, 1x Tomato, 1x Onion
Bouillabaisse 1x Tomato, 2x Seafood, 1x Shrimp, 1x Vegetable
Fish Creole 1x Garlic, 1x Rice, 1x Fish, 1x Vegetable, 1x Tomato
Mediterranean Salad 1x Cucumber, 1x Onion, 1x Spice, 1x Tomato, 1x Lettuce
Mushu’s Congee 1x Ginger, 1x Garlic, 1x Rice, 1x Egg, 1x Mushroom
Ranch Salad  1x Bell Pepper, 1x Lettuce, 1x Tomato, 1x Corn, 1x Onion
Ratatouille 1x Onion, 1x Eggplant, 1x Tomato, 1x Zucchini, 1x Herb


5 Star Meal Recipes
Large Seafood Platter 1x Lemon, 4x Seafood
Arendellain Pickled Herring 1x Onion, 1x Garlic, 1x Herring, 1x Lemon, 1x Seasoning
Potato Leek Soup 1x Milk, 1x Onion, 1x Leek, 1x Potato, 1x Garlic


5 Star Meal Recipes
Pastry Cream and Fruits 1x Sugarcane, 3x Fruits, 1x Milk
Birthday Cake 1x Wheat, 1x Egg, 1x Butter, 1x Sugarcane, 1x Cocoa Bean
Banana Split 1x Milk, 1x Sugarcane, 1x Slush Ice, 1x Banana, 1x Sweet
Wedding Cake 1x Wheat, 1x Egg, 1x Sugarcane, 1x Butter, 1x Vanilla
Aurora’s Cake 1x Sugarcane, 1x Egg, 1x Raspberry, 1x Wheat, 1x Milk

These were all the 5 star Appetizers, Entrees & Deserts recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can make. Make sure you use the exact amount of ingredients mentioned above. Now you can easily cook and complete all the cooking-related quests in the game. While you’re here take a look at how you can farm & get Star Coins quickly.