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ZOTAC GAMING announces the first-ever World of Warships Bundle for Indian Market

First-ever World of Warships Bundle for India

ZOTAC, a global manufacturer of innovation, performance, and technology, has announced the launch of the first-ever India Bundle for World of Warships (WoWS), the hugely popular naval-warfare themed MMO from Wargaming. Launched under the ZOTAC GAMING umbrella, ZOTAC’s gamer-focused movement, the bundle will give Indian players on the World of Warships platform access to incredible value bundles featuring NVIDIA GPUs from the ZOTAC portfolio.

The special India bundle is available with all new purchases of the GT and GTX range of ZOTAC Gaming GPUs on both retail and e-commerce channels. Buyers will need to sign up for a new account on www.warships.in to receive a code that they can then use to unlock a host of exciting WoWS benefits up to INR 2,250. Customers will also have access to ZOTAC’s comprehensive five-year extended warranty once they register the product online.



GPUs Included in Bundle INR Value (Bundle)
GT 730, 1030 Ships: Aurora, Campbeltown
Ship Captains: 2×10 Point
Premium Doubloons: 600
In-game Credits: 10,00,000
Port Slots: 5 Total
Camo: 25x Brilliant Ray
Flags: 25x Economy Flags
WoWS Premium Account: 7 Days

INR 1,000

GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1650  Ships: Yubari, Konig Albert, Campbeltown
Ship Captains: 3×10 Point
Premium Doubloons: 1,500
In-game Credits: 15,00,000
Port Slots: 6 Total
Camo: 40x Brilliant Ray
Flags: 40x Economy Flags
WoWS Premium Account: 30 Days

INR 1,700

GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Ti  Ships: Yubari, Konig Albert, Marblehead
Ship Captains: 3×10 Point
Premium Doubloons: 2,400
In Game Credits: 25,00,000
Port Slots : 6 Total
Camo: 80x Brilliant Ray
Flags: 80x Economy Flags
WoWS Premium Account: 30 Days

INR 2,250

Speaking about ZOTAC’s commitment to drive value for customers across the spectrum, Deepak Gupta, Country Head – Southeast Asia, ZOTAC Technology, said –


ZOTAC has been the market leader in India for several years now, and I am very excited to be able to offer our fans and customers an exclusive India only bundle for the first time by teaming up with a publisher like Wargaming for World of Warships. The nature of the game allows us to drive extreme value to even our entry-level customers for the first time with GT 730, GT 1030 and GTX 1050Ti cards also a part of this exclusive offer!

The bundle announcement comes on the back of Wargaming’s India relaunch of WoWS where the company launched India-specific content for the iconic war-based free to play MMO title. In addition to the content launch, the company also announced partnerships with leading players in the Indian gaming industry, including ZOTAC, ACT Fibernet, ANT Esports, and LG.

Addressing the importance of key partnerships to their India market strategy, Rajeev Girdhar, Regional Publishing Director for World of Warships and India Operations Lead, stated,


Our India expansion was always about reaching out to the players and working with the right partners in India. ZOTAC is the perfect fit for us, and we’re very excited to be offering these customized experiences to our Indian audience. We see the exponentially growing appetite for immersive gaming in the country getting even bigger, and that’s great news for new genres. Our belief that this is a substantial market set to explode has led us to build and develop a whole new range of immersive content that augments the already exceptional gameplay World of Warships has to offer.

In just four years since launch, WoWS has added over 30 million registered players to its platform, drawn to the game by its attention to detail and focus on history, military, and engineering enthusiasts. One of the most successful games in this genre on the planet, WoWS is also the perfect game for entry-level GPUs, like those in the ZOTAC bundle, playable at 1080p on high graphic settings, a fact that is sure to add to the game’s already fervent following.