ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Best Heroes Tier List

Find the best heroes from ZIO and the Magic Scrolls in this tier list.

Looking for a ZIO and the Magic Scrolls tier list that ranks the game’s best heroes? Well, you need not look further than this article. Here, we will rank all of the game’s heroes in different tiers, right from tier S to B. Here, tier S represents the best characters from the game. Likewise, tier B features the worst and least recommended characters from Zio and the Magic Scrolls. You can use this list to help pick the best and most helpful heroes the next time you play the game.

ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Best Heroes Tier List


S Tier Heroes in ZIO and the Magic Scrolls

As we mentioned earlier, the S tier in this ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Heroes list features the best and most recommended characters from the game. These characters offer the best skills in all areas of the game, helping you have a better chance at winning.

S Exavius (Fire Dragon)
S Zio (Magic Scroll Merchant)
S Petnak (Priest of Time and Vengeance)
S Diogoram (Green Dragon)
S Kueno (Pilgrim Serving Geistraja)
S Michel (Elite Warlock)
S Kenta (King of Centaur)
S Gallistos (Black Dragon)
S Won (Pilgrim Serving Walchebo)
S Bono (Rulus’s Pilgrim)
S Hrachas (Demon King)
S White (God Sun)
S Muzel (Angel of Rivarnedo)
S Inca (The Black)
S Fanzifei (Lone Survivor of the family)
S Tumia (Pilgrim Serving Karmashi)
S Marilyn (The Beige)
S Tomie (The Orchid)
S Mei (Anich Millionaire’s Fifth Child)
S Narfume (Succubus Princess)
S Sumima (The Late Bloomer Mage)
S Morrison (The Orange)
S Silvia (The Pink)
S Tun (6th of the Shaos)
S Charles (The Green)
S Celsius & Fahrenheit (The Crimson)
S Rudemila (Grand Master)

A Tier

A-Tier heroes are average at best. These characters are a middle ground between the best and worst heroes of Zio and the Magic Scrolls. We recommend you only use them if you are planning on upgrading in a brief period of time.

A Juan (The Yellow)
A Centaur Warrior (Red Sun)
A Choi Myeon Geol (Advanced Warlock)
A Khan (Young Brother)
A Delph (The Blue)
A Pilgrim (God’s Hammer)
A Ganzo (Lycanthrope)
A Zbella (Commander in Chief)
A Centaur Elite Archer (Piercing Wind)
A Brien (Angel)
A Nyahu (Jolly Devil)
A Rai (Big Brother)

B Tier

Heroes in the B tier of this Zio and the Magic Scrolls Heroes list are the worst. They offer precious little when it comes to skills. This renders them effectively useless when it comes to assisting you when you need them the most. It is because of these drawbacks that we recommend you try not to use these heroes. You will be much better off with the heroes from the higher tiers in this list.

B Aerok Warrior (Following Commands)
B Imp (Brat from the Devildom)
B Priest (Apprentice)
B Warlock (Maddened)
B Mage (belonging to the Kingdom)
B Female Angel (God of Balance’s Creature)
B Angel (God of Balance’s Limbs)
B Undead (wants to rest)
B Swordsman (Ordinary)
B Tan Liming (Swordsman’s Executive)
B Torturer (Muscle)
B Elf Archer (Third Branch)

So there you have it. This was our tier list of the best heroes in ZIO and the Magic Scrolls. As you can see, this list will prove to be extremely useful when it comes to picking the best characters the next time you play the game.

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