Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence Tier List

Here is a tier list of all the cards in Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence ranked from best to worst.

Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence is a refreshingly fresh game that will let you play with different cards with their own unique stats and skills. With some of the most amazing characters, you might want to refer to a tier list that will help you choose the best cards and combos in the game. So in this guide, we will give you a tier list of all the character cards in Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence to help you with your card decisions.

Zenonzard Tier List


Here is the tier list of Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence and their stats to help you choose the right cards in the game.

S Tier – S tier characters are the ones that are the apex cards of the game. These cards have all the right stats and will be your best choice.

A Tier – A tier ones are the next best thing. They will not have as good stats as the S tier but they will be guarantee wins when timed right.

B Tier  – B tier cards are all-rounders that will have stats spread across the skill almost evenly. So if you do not want to stick to one gameplay throughout, you should have them on your team.

C Tier – Cards that are a part of this tier have average abilities. They are not as good but not as bad either. They can be of good use against certain cards.

D Tier – D tier cards will need proper time and investment on them and some good leveling up. If you know what you are doing with them, they can prove to be useful.

E Tier – E tier cards are the last to finish the race. However, just because they are last on our list, it does not mean they are completely useless.

Orka The Turbulent Blue 700 2 S
Lachesis Decider of Fate Colorless 500 1 S
Alezan King of the Deep Blue 800 2 S
Schniden White 600 2 S
Belphegor King of Sorrow Purple 800 2 S
Yahmy Purple 100 0 S
Sylvie Green 600 2 S
Muo Yellow 500 2 S
Jade Karajan The Maestro Blue 500 2 A
Wallace The Courageous Grey 600 2 A
Vahn Jean Bearer of Fruition Green 500 2 A
Eleksai Lord of Thunderstrikes Yellow 900 3 A
Flare Zaura The Superior Red 700 2 A
Baldrod The Blazing Demon Colorless 700 2 A
Magma Fang Lord of Blazefires Red 900 3 B
Rekindled The Shadow Purple 700 2 B
Acemy Yellow 100 0 B
Cedar Treewalker The Chiliad Green 1300 4 B
Frieren Lord of Dreadfrosts White 1000 3 B
Solo Red 600 2 C
Ziren Binder of Souls Yellow 500 2 C
Vicerave The King White 1000 2 C
Victoria The Gilded Knight Green 800 2 C
Marya Knight of Poseido Blue 500 2 C
Harding The Soaring Beast Yellow 700 2 D
Aegis Origins 02 Red 700 2 D
Millie Green 600 1 D
Griphone Machine of the Arctic White 700 2 D
Solrakia Lord of Sunflares Green 1000 3 D
Rory Brute of the Forest Green 700 2 E
Khan Three Head Monkey King Yellow 800 3 E
Amelia The Swift Dragon Rider Red 500 1 E
Helix The Tri Lance Blue 600 1 E
Amelia The Drifter Yellow 500 1 E

So that is all for our guide on Zenonzard Tier List. If you would like to know some more tier lists, we have covered some amazing games that you might want to check out.