Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

Here’s our Zenless Zone Zero Tier List of Best Characters. You can refer to it and try out our top picks for a better gameplay.

Just like every other Hoyoverse game, the roster of Zenless Zone Zero is quite big. And that’s why I think you will need our Agents Tier List. This will help you figure out the characters that have the best ROI and can serve you well during combat. Every character has their own unique sets of abilities and if you see from a distance, picking any particular one is a legit difficult task. You can refer to our Zenless Zone Zero Tier List and try out our top picks to get the upper hand against your enemies.

Zenless Zone Zero Best Characters Tier List

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List of Best Characters

Our Tier List ranks all the ZZZ Characters in different Tiers wherein, S is the highest Tier. So the characters mentioned in this Tier are the ones we will recommend to you. As you come down on the list, you will see A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier as well. Characters in these Tiers are comparatively less strong than those in their previous Tiers respectively.

SEllen, Grace, Soldier 11
ANekomata, Lycaon, Rina, Soukaku
BKoleda, Ben, Nicole, Billy, Corin
CAnby, Anton

Note: The above Zenless Zone Zero Tier List is what we find accurate through our observation. Since the game is yet to be released, you can expect some changes in this Tier List.

As you can see in the above Tier List, we have ranked Ellen as the top character to pick. Well, we have a very few good reasons for that. First of all, you should know that Ellen has a high PEN (Penetration) rate that allows her to pierce through an enemy’s defense easily. Just to add a little more, Ellen’s attack does wonderful Freeze and Shatter damage.

Other characters in the S Tier like Grace and Soldier 11 also have a great ATK. However, they lack in a few departments like PEN and DEF where Ellen takes the top spot. One thing that I would like to say is that you should practice the skillset of characters in our S and A Tiers. If you are able to learn them thoroughly, you can easily win battles.

That’s everything covered on our Zenless Zone Zero Tier List. For more content from other Hoyoverse Games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, feel free to navigate through our website.