Zelda TOTK Yomizuk Shrine Puzzle Solution

Aniket Maurya
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Yomizuk Shrine is a Rauru’s Blessing Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). This type of Shrine has puzzles outside the Shrine and not inside. This basically means that reaching the entrance of the Yomizuk Shrine here is going to be a tricky adventure. If you are looking for some precious rewards like Light of Blessing or a Diamond, then you should definitely visit this Shrine. So, to help you reach the Yomizuk Shrine entrance easily, here’s a location guide. Take a look below.

Yomizuk Shrine Entrance Location in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

How to Find or Complete the Yomizuk Shrine in TOTK

To reach the Yomizuk Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK), you must head to the Mount Lanayru region. From there, you must head to the coordinates (4470, -0818, 0054) near Tarm Point. Upon reaching these coordinates, you’ll find an underground cave known as the Tarm Point Cave. Inside that cave, you will find the Yomizuk Shrine entrance.

How to Find or Complete the Yomizuk Shrine in TOTK

Once you discover the Tarm Point Cave, you will run into an NPC known as Sasan. Interacting with this NPC will trigger a Side Quest known as True Treasure. Sasan wants to go deeper into the cave, near the Yomizuk Shrine entrance too. However, he is afraid of sudden moments and drowning in the water. So you must build a Raft to help him and yourself get to the other side of the water.

How to Find or Complete the Yomizuk Shrine in TOTK
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The water level inside the cave rises frequently, so try to keep the raft balanced. Moreover, there will be rocks obstructing your path so be mindful while crossing the water. The flow of the water will eventually lead you toward the Yomizuk Shrine entrance in TOTK.

Landing on the other side will complete the True Treasure side quest and will also unlock the Shrine entrance. After entering the Yomizuk Shrine, you can open the Treasure Chest in the front to obtain a Diamond. And in the end, interact with the statue to get a Light of Blessing.

With that out of the way, you have successfully completed the Yomizuk Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). Apart from this, you can complete other Shrines like Jochi-Ihiga Shrine & Domizuin Shrine in Zelda TOTK.