Yakuza Like A Dragon Healing Guide: How To Heal Everyone

Know how to heal in Yakuza: Like a Dragon using healing items, food and more.

Knowing how to heal in Yakuza: Like a Dragon is important mainly because you need to know how to get back in shape to fight your opponents. During combat, you are bound to get injured and healing yourself and increasing the health points of your party will ensure your survival. If you are unsure of the way to go about it, this guide will explain how to increase HP.

Yakuza Like A Dragon: How to Heal Yourself & Party Members?

You need to know how to heal in Yakuza: Like a Dragon while you are in combat and otherwise. The healing process is different for both situations. If you are in combat, then you you need to use a healing item fast. You can do this and help out a member of your party. Do it wisely because using it counts as a turn. Head to Etc. > Items to choose the item from your inventory and use it for your chosen teammate. Apart from this, a member with a healing ability will also help. Nanba can use Healing Powder from Skills so ensure that you compose your party with that in mind.


Outside of combat, your option is to eat items that can increase your HP. Use healing items from your inventory via “Items” to boost your own health or the HP of your crew member. Plus, you can visit restaurants to get more food too. Since you will have no fights to worry about, you can also enjoy the delicious food with your teammates and heal everyone as well. If you want to be prepared beforehand, you can purchase HP-boosting items from small shops, stores or pharmacies on the map. They will be indicated on the map with relevant icons so it will be easy to find them.


That’s not all, you can also recover your health from recovery stations. You need to head towards them and use them to heal in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. They will be near save stations so that can be your last resort if food isn’t available for some reason. While you are here, find out if this game has multiplayer or cross save & cross gen support right here on Gamer Tweak.