Adata XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard Review – Responsive & Reliable

Here is our review of the XPG Summoner Cherry MX Red Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

A gaming keyboard is a dedicated league of gaming accessories that focus on low to no latency, reliability, and superb comfort to facilitate long hours of gaming. This is easy enough to throw Gamers into a black hole of clones & features among which some are truly not required. For a gaming keyboard, three factors matter the most. They are Responsiveness, Reliability & Gaming support features.

Responsiveness reduces the latency; actions are performed in an instant of click. This gives gamers an edge over others, offering them to perform at the speed they want. As Gaming Keyboards are expensive pieces of hardware, buying that can stay on the desk for years is a necessary factor. This is where the Reliability of the build comes into the picture. Last but not the least, features to boost gaming like Macro Keys, LEDs for flashy effects, media control, etc. do influence the buying decision.

We got a chance to try one such model that brings everything to the plate. Thanks to Adata we got a chance to try out the “XPG Summoner”. We shared this keyboard with multiple gamers and grab their feedback. Those are compiled into this review that will help you get more insightful information on this model.


Sturdy Build:

XPG Summoner comes in an aluminum frame. It is a heavy model, that gives it a good grip on the desk, so when you are hitting the keys hard, it does not lose its place. It comes with a detachable premium wrist pad. This adds more to the comfort during long hours of gameplay. It features 9 replaceable Red Keycaps. It also has media control and macro keys. It also has a USB passthrough that you can use to charge your devices. XPG Summoner has a single-color variant i.e., black.

XPG Summoner

Usually, every gaming keyboard comes with backlit keys which is also common with XPG Summoner. It features 7 pre-defined RGB modes that you can change instantly from the keyboard. Media control keys let you to adjust the volume without minimizing the game.

Cherry MX RED Switches for Unsettled Performance:

XPG Summoner features 100% Cherry MX RGB Switches. The model we got is MX Red, it comes in two more variants. MX Silver and MX Blue. MX Red focuses more on low noise, comfort gaming. Silver is for high precision and blue is the standard one that produces more noise during clicks. If you can shed some more cash then go for silver switches, they are the true 0-latency switches. While blue will give you the mechanical keyboard feel and is best for those who are not annoyed with noises.

XPG Summoner

Red brings a blend of both, not 100% but draws in precision with almost no noise. Cherry MX Red Switches facilitate faster typing, while Silver stands for speed. Our team tested XPG Summoner on games like Valorant. Their feedback specifies that they do not have to press really hard to perform an action. XPG Summoner registers that in an instant even before the entire key is pressed.

Gaming Performance:

XPG Summoner MX Red is an outstanding gaming keyboard. It’s like you get paid for the value you are offering. However, it is not fair to compare this model with budget gaming keyboards. Why? Because of the massive gap in features. Budget gaming mechanical keyboards do offer you the feel of gaming, yet they are limited in terms of performance. They can too noisy, a little latency is noticed, etc. But with XPG Summoner we have no complaints.

XPG Summoner

To make gaming better the model is compatible with XPG Prime. A desktop customization software that allows you to modify the RGB Light effects. You can tweak it the way you want, also the tool is used to program Macro Keys. With XPG Prime you can turn every key of XPG Summoner into a macro key. That means you can perform a set of actions in one click before your opponent can judge your actions in shooting games.


XPG Summoner is a comfortable keyboard. It comes with a wrist rest, a USB pass-through, a volume control knob, and RGB effects. Overall, it is a good package and an ideal gaming add-on you must have. In terms of typing, the keys are soft to touch and overall typing feels extremely lightweight. Super fun for those who like to type fast, it even increases productivity.

The choice relies on the type of MX keys you want. Pro players who actively play games like Valorant, or COD can go for the MX Silver model. It is faster in terms of response, quiet, and more durable. While those who want a lower price tag can stick with MX Red which offers a blend of speed and no click sounds. Overall XPG Summoner is a sturdy model for long-lasting usage. ADATA XPG Summoner falls in the price range of Rs.7500INR to Rs.8400INR. Globally the keyboard cost between $149 to $186. The price differs based on the seller and the model.