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XPG Cybercore 1300W Platinum Review: Best Power Supply Unit For You?

Here is the review of the XPG Cybercore 1300W Platinum Power Supply Unit.

Many gamers our looking for a review of the XPG Cybercore 1300 Platinum Power Supply Unit. A good PSU is very important not only for the life of your PC components but it is also important if you plan to upgrade your system in the future. It is, for this reason, that you will see many people call it an underrated component. And if you are planning to build a PC on the higher end of the spectrum you might be looking for good some options. So if you have a budget between 230$ – 250$, here is why you might want to consider choosing the XPG Cybercore 1300W Platinum PSU.


XPG Cybercore 1300 Platinum Review

adata xpg cybercore 1300 platinum review

XPG Cybercore is a premium Power Supply Unit that gives you a high-quality experience while offering you several features. To understand them better we have divided them into the following sections:

  • Box Contents
  • Design
  • Fan Speed
  • 80 Plus Platinum Efficiency
  • Important Protection Features
  • Power Specs
  • Performance

Box Contents

box contents


This is what you get when you buy the XPG Cybercore 1300 Platinum.

  • XPG Cybercore 1300 Platinum Power Supply Unit: 1
    • Its dimensions in WxLxH are 150x160x85mm
  • DC Modular Cable Pack: 1
    • Motherboard 20+4 Pin of length 750mm: 1
    • ATX 12V 4+4 Pin of length 750mm: 2
    • PCI-E 6+2 Pin of length 750mm: 6
    • PCI-E 6+2 Pin with 2 cables of length 750mm: 2
    • SATA cables (4 SATA) of length 600mm: 4
    • Molex connector cable of length: 2
    • Floppy 4 Pin: 2
  • DC Modular Cable Storage Bag: 1
  • AC Power Cord: 1
  • Thumb Screw: 4
  • Cable Ties: 10
  • User Manual: 1


design review of xpg cybercore 1300w platinum


In terms of Design, the XPG Cybercore has a regular size and is of the dimensions WxLxH as 150x160x85mm. Thus most cabinets should be able to support it. As for the build, it has a strong build and even its components are premium like other PSUs XPG offers. So in terms of design XPG is up to the mark as usual.

Fan Speed

fan speed


Fan speed is one of the important things you should take into account when buying a PSU. When it comes to its uses a fan is responsible for the heat to escape. So the cooler your CPU can be, the better your PC will be able to perform. And while having a powerful fan is necessary, many gamers would also want to know how quiet it is. This is important if you are a streamer as you wouldn’t want your PSU fan being noisy. So the quieter your PSU can be, while performing at its max capacity the better it is. We tried testing the fan speed of the XPG Cybercore 1300 PSU under different load conditions, and here are the results we got:

  • 10% to 30% load: 0 RPM
  • 40% load: 778 RPM
  • 50% load: 935 RPM
  • 60% load: 1097 RPM
  • 70% load: 1275 RPM
  • 80% load: 1545 RPM
  • 90% load: 1782 RPM
  • Full load (100% load): 2023 RPM

80 Plus Platinum Efficiency

80 plus platinum efficiency

If you have been looking at PSU options you will notice almost every PSU you checked must have an 80 Plus efficiency. So if you are a beginner and don’t know what it is then here is its basic explanation. Any PSU you buy should be at least 80% efficient when converting the AC power to DC power. And this is represented using the 80 Plus efficiency mark. Now each of them can be of different standards, that is White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Thus as you can see Platinum is the highest. So a PSU that is of 80 Plus Platinum standard, gives you:

  • 90% efficiency when converting 20% load.
  • 92% efficiency when converting 50% load.
  • 89% efficiency when converting 100% load.

Important Protection Features

important protection features

A Power Supply Unit’s main task is to regulate the power it receives before distributing it to the rest of the components. This is because just providing each component power isn’t enough, a PSU also has to ensure that the components use the received power as efficiently as possible. But there are situations where the PSU might receive voltage, over or under its regular limit. And that is where the PSU protects the components to prevent them from faltering. So here are all the protection features that you get with the XPG Cybercore 1300W Platinum PSU:

  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Power Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • No Load Operation
  • Surge Protection
  • Inrush Protection

Power Specs – XPG Cybercore 1300W Platinum Review

power specs

AC Input 100-2400V, 50-60Hz, 15A
Rail +12V -12V +5VSB +5V +3.3V
Output Amps 108.33A 0.3A 3A 25A 25A
Output Watts 1300W 3.6W 15W 130W
Total Maximum Power 1300 W


performance reveiw of xpg cybercore 1300w platinum

In terms of performance, you should have no complaints with the XPG Cybercore 1300W PSU. We used it with our system that has Nvidia RTX 3080, Intel Core i7 11th Gen, and 16GB DDR4 RAM. For normal uses and even for some light gaming you wouldn’t hear the fan sounds. And even while intense gaming they were there but weren’t overly loud to bother us. We also tried playing various games to test the fan noise better, and for it, we played games like Valorant, Elden Ring, Spider-Man, and Genshin Impact. Again there are no complaints here.

Other than gaming if you are a content creator who does streaming or if you are a video editor then you can easily choose this PSU for your next power supply unit. The best part is its maximum power support is 1300W, so it also gives you good room for future-proofing your system. So even if you end up replacing all the other components, you won’t have to worry about getting a new PSU any time soon.


verdict for xpg 1300w platinum psu

XPG Cybercore 1300W Platinum comes at a price of 239$ and is more or less closer to the other 1300W PSU options available right now. This is an ideal choice if you are planning on building a high-end PC and future-proofing it. Given the high-quality components used in it, its Platinum standard for 80 Plus efficiency, and quite a silent fan. This is an excellent option for not only gamers but content creators as well. So if you have a budget of 250$ or under you can definitely consider going for the XPG Cybercore 1300 Platinum.

That covers this review of the XPG Cybercore 1300 Platinum Power Supply Unit (PSU). In case you aren’t building a very high-end PC and are looking for some other PSU options then check out our XPG Core Reactor 850W Review.