Fortnite XP Glitch Map Code For Chapter 3 Season 4

Here's the Fortnite XP Glitch Map Code for Chapter 3 Season 4 and how to do the glitches.

There’s yet another Fortnite XP Glitch that players can take advantage of, and for Chapter 3 Season 4, all you have to do is use a creative map code. Here are all the steps you need to follow to get lots of XP per minute, even while AFK.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 XP Glitch Map Code

fortnite afk glitch map code season 4

  • From your main Fortnite lobby, click on Creative.
  • Click on the Island Code tab.
  • You should see a text field with the heading ‘Enter a valid Island Code’. Type 6021 2757 1039 there.
  • You should now see the window of the creative map (Frost 1v1 Build Fight) pop-up. Click on Play.

Are Creative Map XP Glitches Bannable?

At its core, XP glitches are bannable, but it seems that not everyone who has used such a glitch has been banned. There is no fixed consequence to this as of now, so it’s best to exercise caution. Due to the huge number of players attempting XP glitches, there’s a chance that Epic won’t ban everyone – but you never know, these accounts could be part of an upcoming ban wave (or not!). So use them at your own risk. With that in mind, here’s how to do the glitch, if you are curious to know how it works.

How to Do the Glitch

Thanks to Youtuber Jyku for explaining these steps very well – watch the video linked at the end of this guide.

Glitch 1

  • Once the map loads up, wait for 10 minutes and then jump down from the open window and head towards the vending machines.
  • Find the banner with Fortnite characters on it and start building ramps from its left side.
  • Keep building until you reach the mountain on the other side.
  • Go to the corner where there’s a little statue.
  • Interact with the statue with the E button and now you will see XP keeps adding up.

respawn creative map

  • Once this is done, you can press the ESC button, click on the Gear icon at the bottom left, and select Respawn. Confirm this action by clicking on Apply.

Glitch 2

  • After respawning, go to the other banner on the map and start building floors (not ramps) this time.
  • Now build ramps to reach the other side of the mountain (opposite to the one you just accessed).
  • Get to the top of the ice mountain and find a snowman. Go towards the edge behind him and interact with the Secret button to get your free XP.

Glitch 3

  • Respawn again, head to the third banner, build floors and jump to the cube at the back. Once you are on top of the cube, jump once again. You will get teleported to a new room.
  • Find a statue and turn right from there to enter a room via a wooden door.
  • From here, walk straight and turn left. Inside this room, there should be a bed that you need to jump on.
  • Turn around from here and look up at the arch – you should see the third secret button here. Press E and you will teleport to the original room.

Glitch 4

  • Lastly, jump downwards from the main room and turn back. You should see a building that says IGLOO in bold red text.
  • Walk through the purple-pink doorway. You will find yourself in a new room with three sections – POOL, TARGET and BUTTON.
    • POOL – Walk into the purple pool to keep obtaining AFK XP.
    • TARGET – Attack the target and get XP. It will keep respawning.
    • BUTTON – Interact with it to gain XP. You can try again after its cooldown ends.

That’s all for this XP glitch map code for Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 4. For more related to the latest season, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.