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Best Genshin Impact Xingqiu Build Guide – High DPS Build Tips

Picking Xingqiu to be your favorite hero in Genshin Impact? Read this Xingqiu high DPS build to know more.

Looking for the best Xingqiu build in Genshin Impact? This character is capable of performing twin strikes with a sword. This unleashes Hydro DMG on the enemy. Second Xingqiu also has a special ability to create max Rain Sword. He can use this tree times on the battleground. This ability reduce incoming damage and amplify Interruption Resistance. In this guide, I am going to help you with the best Xingqiu build. Our focus is on high DPS to turn any fight into your favor. If you have not played as Xingqiu before then this build guide is going to help you a lot.

Best Genshin Impact Xingqiu Build Guide

Xingqiu Build - Genshin Impact

Xingqiu is a 4-Star Hydro Sword character, below build will give you a glance at Xingqiu’s strengths, weaknesses, best weapons, and stats. Also below build focus on high DPS Hydro build. After leveling up Xingqiu becomes unstoppable.

  1. Best Weapon: Sacrificial Sword (Artifact Set: 2xNoblesse Oblige)
  2. Best Weapon: Skyward Blade (Artifact Set: 2xHeart of Depth)
  3. Best Weapon: Favonius Sword (Artifact Set: The Exile)

To help you understand how this build works you can check out the details of the artifacts.

Noblesse Oblige:

  • +20% Elemental Burst DMG
  • Elemental Burst amplifies ATK by 20% for 12s for all party members.

Heart of Depth:

  • +15% Hydro DMG
  • Amplifies Normal Attack + Charged Attack DMG by 30% for 15s after using Elemental Skill. (4 Sets)


  • +20% Energy Recharge
  • 2x Energy regeneration after using Elemental Burst for all party members.

Xingqiu Stats:

  • Level 20
    • HP – 2202
    • Attack – 67
    • Defense – 163
    • Ascension Bonsu Stat – ATK 0
  • Level 80
    • HP – 9514
    • Attack – 188
    • Defense – 705
    • Ascension Bonsu Stat – ATK 24%

Xingqiu is best for high attack speed, so if you are looking for a character who can be really good in combat  then try him. Let’s discuss a little about Xingqiu’s weakness, this will help you to switch to the defensive mode when required. Xingqiu is low on-base damage and has a long cooldown. It is necessary to use abilities when required. Due to the long cooldown, you can be prone to more incoming damage if they are executed unplanned. Xingqiu is also a good supporter there is another kind of build that makes him a powerful member of the team.

Festering Desire and Iron Sting are the two best replacement weapons you can use if you plan to try something else. For the first weapon, you can earn Energy Recharge as a Bonus stat, and for the second you get Elemental Mastery.

  • Festering Desire: +16% Elemental Skill DMG
  • Iron Sting: +6% Elemental DMG for 6s. Max 2 Stacks and it can occur every 1s.

Heart of Depth, Noblesses Oblige, and Gladiator’s Finale are the three best artifacts for Xingqiu. You can also use The Exile if found early in Genshin Impact. Hope the details in this Genshin Impact Xingqiu build guide will help you to craft out a powerful character. You can also check out other builds guides that will help you with various Genshin Impact characters. They are Ayaka Build, Best DPS Klee Build, Kazuha Build, etc.