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Genshin Impact: Noblesse Oblige Artifact Set Guide

Here’s how you can get your hands on one of the best artifact sets: the Noblesse Oblige in Genshin Impact.

Noblesse Oblige is one of the most powerful artifact set you can obtain and equip in Genshin Impact. It increases the Elemental burst ability of any character in your team. However, getting the Noblesse Oblige is not going to be easy in this popular RPG. Hence, we are here with this guide on how to get Noblesse Oblige artifact set in Genshin Impact, and what are the different components of the set.

Genshin Impact: How to Obtain Noblesse Oblige Artifact Set


Genshin Impact Noblesse Oblige Artifact Set

You will have to explore the areas of Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern to get the Noblesse Oblige artifact set in Genshin Impact. It is located exactly to the west of the Bishui Plain. You will be tasked to take down three mages in the domain. To obtain the Noblesse Oblige artifact set, you will have to loot chests, complete various quests, and use gacha system to get the entire set. The complete set consists of five pieces, which are:

  • Royal Flore
  • Royal Plume
  • Royal Pocket Watch
  • Royal Silver Urn
  • Royal Masque


Having all the pieces gives you a fair advantage, but an individual piece is worthy as well. Here are the bonuses that you will receive from each piece.

  • Flower of Life (Royal Flore): HP.
  • Plume of Death (Royal Plume): ATK.
  • Sands of Eon (Royal Pocket Watch): HP, ATK, DEF, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery.
  • Goblet of Enotherm (Royal Silver Urn): HP, ATK, DEF, Physical DMG bonus, Elemental DMG bonus, Elemental Mastery.
  • Circlet of Logos (Royal Masque): HP, ATK, DEF, Healing Bonus, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Elemental Mastery.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Noblesse Oblige artifact set in Genshin Impact. While here, ensure reading some other useful guides that can help you progress quickly. For instance, you can start by reading how to get free Acquaint Fates for ascending characters, find Ulman, and get Mini Seelie as a pet in Genshin Impact.