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Where To Exactly Find Ulman In Genshin Impact

Ulman in Genshin Impact is a special NPC that you must meet to start the Lost Riches event. Check the location of Ulman right here

Ulman is an NPC in Genshin Impact that must find in order to start the Lost Riches event on the 8th of January. Finding Ulman can be a bit difficult if you do not know exactly where to look, if you’re wondering about how and where to look for Ullman in Genshin Impact, read the rest of this guide.

Where To Find Ulman In Genshin Impact

Ulman can be found at the Stone Gates in Genshin Impact, you will need to find Ullman to start off the Lost Riches event on the 8th of January 2021. Ulman will assign you with a Mini Seelie who you will have to follow around Teyvat in search of treasures. Your job is to find hidden coins and other treasures throughout the location.

where to find ulman in Genshin Impact

You can even get Mini Seelie as a pet if you wish to, to know more about how to get Mini Seelie as a pet in Genshin Impact, read this. Coming back to Ulman, you can only take part in the Lost Riches event if you have an Adventure Rank of 20 or above and have completed the Prologue Act 1 which is “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”.

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The Mini Seelie that you receive from Ulman will act like a gadget that will let you know about the hidden iron coins buried throughout Teyvat.

Make sure that you meet up with Ulman after the completion of the Lost Riches event, you stand to earn Primogems and other rewards.

Ullman will certainly be one of the most important NPC during the Lost Riches event. This is all there is to know about where to find Ulman in Genshin Impact.

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