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Xbox Summer Games Fest Event Will Offer Over 60 Game Demos from July 21- 27

With the Xbox Summer Games Fest, Microsoft makes dreams come true and provides you with over 60 demos to play on the Xbox One console. This event is not the Xbox Digital Showcase with Xbox Game Studios announcements. This event will take place at a different time in July.

What is the Xbox Summer Game Fest 2020?

It is the digital version of the E3 2020, so as to speak, that is delivered directly to your home. You get the unique opportunity to play a selection of games that are otherwise shown at E3 2020 at the Xbox booth or behind closed doors, via Xbox One.

E3 show floor demos are playable excerpts from games that are still in development. Usually, demos are always “cut out” of finished games and then made available to you in the best possible condition. This is not the case with show floor demos. You get a little insight into games that are still being developed. Depending on the development progress and condition, some bugs can occur while playing and mostly the game section is extremely linear. The developers just want to give you a small taste of what they’re doing. So you get show floor demos that are otherwise reserved for a wide variety of editors around the world. So you should rate them accordingly,

Think of these game demos as “E3 show floor demos” and not as a reference to the end product. Neither bug fixing nor fine polishing has received some of the games offered!

However, this does not prevent Microsoft from offering a selection of over 60 games as an early access demo for you. The feedback from the players will decide whether such an action will take place again in the following years and we hope that this attempt will be received positively – even if this is a daring step.

While the experience of visiting a major trade fair cannot be completely replicated digitally, Microsoft really makes it possible for you to get your hands on new games early on from E3.

The Summer Games Fest demo event will take place live on your Xbox One console from July 21-27, 2020.

You will then have more than 60 brand new game demos for upcoming, unpublished Xbox games to try out for free. From July 21, 2020, you can access the collection of available demos in the Xbox One dashboard using the special Games Fest demo tile. These demos will only be playable on Xbox One for a week. Some may be re-released later in the demo channel, but many will simply say goodbye at the end of the week. So split up the time and the games from July 21, 2020, because experiencing E3 show floor demos directly at home on the console has never been done before!

The number of games presented during the Xbox Game Fest week is said to be between 75 and 100 games. Also included: Cris Tales, Destroy All Humans!, Haven, Hellpoint, Skatebird, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, Raji: An Ancient Epic and Welcome to Elk and much more.